.JSXBIN File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .JSXBIN extension:

Binary ExtendScript Script File

Binary ExtendScript Script File

Binary script created by ExtendScript Toolkit (ESTK), a tool used to add extensions to Adobe Creative Suite (CS) applications; contains the binary version of a .JSX file, which is written using ExtendScript, an extended version of JavaScript; used for distributing CS extensions and for protecting scripts by making them non-human readable.

To export a JSXBIN file using the ExtendScript Toolkit, select File → Export as Binary... while you have a JSX file open.

NOTE: JSXBIN files are not necessarily JavaScript files, since ExtendScript supports extra functionality that JavaScript does not.

Software's name License Platforms
Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit Free MacWindows

Updated: February 5, 2011

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