.JTD File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .JTD extension:

JustSystems Ichitaro Document

JustSystems Ichitaro Document
  • Developer JustSystems
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    2.8 (6 votes)
  • Category Text Files
  • Format N/A

A JTD file is a document created by JustSystems Ichitaro, a Japanese word processor. It may contain formatted text, images, tables, charts, graphs, and page formatting. JTD files are used to create a variety of documents including letters, resumes, essays, and invitations.

The JTD file is the main file type associated with Ichitaro, similarly to the .DOCX file type with Microsoft Word. When you create and save a document in Ichitaro, the JTD file is created to store the contents of the document. You can close and reopen the file in Ichitaro for further editing.

Ichitaro was originally released in the early 1980s. It grew in popularity during the peak years of DOS until Microsoft Word emerged as a more popular word processor.

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JustSystems Ichitaro JustSystems Ichitaro Free Trial LinuxWindows

Updated: August 10, 2018

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