.JUK File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .JUK extension:

Juka Source Code File

Juka Source Code File

A JUK file is a file written in Juka, which is a programming language designed for cross-platform rapid prototyping. It contains Juka source code that can be compiled into intermediate .NET code for desktop platforms or compiled into a native mobile app.

You can use the Juka application to interpret JUK files and edit or re-run the code. However, .NET must also be installed on your device.

The following example is the simple syntax of Juka that would print out "Hello World":

function main() = {
          printLine("Hello World");

The primary purpose of the Juka programming language is to allow developers to quickly code on any platform, which includes Windows, macOS, and Linux. Juka runs on top of .NET and can be compiled into .NET intermediate bytecode, also known as Common Intermediate Language (CIL). CIL code can be compiled to machine-readable code in .EXE and .DLL files, which can be run as a standalone application in Windows.

NOTE: Juka programming language was formerly known as Juliar programming language, which uses the .JLR file extension for source code files.

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Updated: August 27, 2019

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