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LG Mobile Device Firmware

LG Mobile Device Firmware
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A KDZ file is a firmware file for an LG smartphone. It contains device-specific firmware used to update an LG phone or restore that phone to its default state. KDZ files are named using the model number of the device they are meant to be used with, a three-character identifier of the operating system (OS) the firmware contains, and the firmware's release date.

As an example, an LG phone firmware file named D85530B_00_1217.kdz would:

  • Be meant to be used with the LG G3 D855 phone
  • Contain the first minor revision of the Marshmallow OS, identified by the characters 30B in the file's name. The first character identifies the firmware's included OS (3 for Marshmallow, 2 for Lollipop, or 1 for KitKat). The other two characters track the OS's major and minor version history
  • Be available for download as of December 17

For the most part, LG smartphone users should not have to interact with KDZ files. However, you may want to download and flash a firmware file onto your phone to restore it to its default state or manually install a different version of your phone's OS.

NOTE: KDZ files are quite large, ranging anywhere from roughly 1 to 2GB in size.

To manually restore or update your LG phone's firmware using a KDZ file, you must download and install LG Flash Tool, a free, non-LG-affiliated utility.

LG Flash Tool allows Windows users to install downloaded KDZ files onto their phone, overwriting the phone's previous firmware. Novice PC and mobile device users likely should not use LG Flash Tool, as installing a KDZ file is a multi-step operation and performing the steps incorrectly can delete data from or invalidate your device.

Software's name License Platforms
LG Flash Tool LG Flash Tool Free Windows

Updated: June 6, 2020

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