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There is only one file type that uses the .LDABAK extension:

Legistant Encrypted Backup File

Legistant Encrypted Backup File
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An LDABAK file is a backup file created by Legistant, an application for desktop, mobile, and web platforms used to manage legal cases. It contains an exact encrypted backup of data entered by users in the software. LDABAK files are typically used for archiving data in case of corruption or for sharing data to be imported by other Legistant users.

You most likely will only encounter LDABAK files if you use Legistant software for legal purposes. The files store multiple JSON-formatted files, which include information entered by the user (content.dat file), various metadata (meta.dat file), and a log of file events (file.log file), such as when the file was opened and modified.

The files stored in an LDABAK file are encrypted by Bcrypt for security purposes. The LDABAK file is also Zip-compressed to reduce the size of the contents.

While LDABAK files are designed to only be opened using Legistant software, they can be decompressed using Zip-compression software, such as Microsoft File Explorer, Corel WinZip, or Apple Archive Utility. However, the contents of the LDABAK file are encrypted, requiring Legistant software or the Bcrypt key to decrypt them.

NOTE: LDABAK stands for Legistant Digital Assistant Backup.

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Updated: February 20, 2020

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