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There is only one file type that uses the .LIB4D extension:

Cinema 4D Preset Library

Cinema 4D Preset Library
  • Developer MAXON Computer
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Library created by Cinema 4D, a professional application that enables you to create 3D models and animations; contains one or more presets that can be inserted into a scene by the user; includes pre-defined or custom made objects such as images, pencil marks, skies, brick shaders, body paint gradients, and 3D balloons.

LIB4D Preset Library files that come with the application are located in the "browser" folder inside the "library" folder, which is located with the application. If you double-click the LIB4D file, the "Content Browser" window will open up. Here you can see a hierarchy of your different LIB4D files. You can create a new preset library by selecting File → New Preset Library..., naming it, and clicking OK.

When using the application interface, you can insert an object preset from your preset library. Select File → Load Object Preset from the menu on the right side of the interface, navigate to your object and select it. You can also save an object preset into your library from this same area by selecting Save Object Preset... from the same menu.

Software's name License Platforms
MAXON Cinema 4D MAXON Cinema 4D Commercial MacWindows

Updated: November 2, 2018

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