.LIST File Extension

There are 2 file types use the .LIST file extension:

  1. APT List File
  2. JAR Index File

1. APT List File

APT List File
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FIle created by APT, an Advanced Package Tool used to manage applications; holds a list of package sources that software can be downloaded from; contains information detailing the archive type indicating whether it contains binary or source packages.

The LIST file typically follows this format:
deb http://host/debian distribution section1 section2 section3
deb-src http://host/debian distribution section1 section2 section3

The first word of each line notifies the archive type:

  • deb means that it holds a binary package.
  • deb-src means that it holds a source package.

NOTE: The APT tool is found within the Debian operating system.

/etc/apt/sources.list - The default Debian file containing information where software can be downloaded from.

Software's name License Platforms
APT APT Free Linux

Updated: April 15, 2013

2. JAR Index File

JAR Index File

Metadata file sometimes included as part of a Java Archive (.JAR file); saved in the /META-INF/ directory within the JAR file and contains an index of information about the source code packages also in the JAR file; used to speed up the process of loading Java classes when programs are run; often contains a list of JARs needed to be downloaded by the Java program.

To add an INDEX.LIST file to a Java Archive, you can use the -i option with the jar command.

Software's name License Platforms
Apple TextEdit Apple TextEdit Bundled Mac
Microsoft Notepad Microsoft Notepad Bundled MacWindows
Oracle Java Virtual Machine Oracle Java Virtual Machine Open Source LinuxMacWindows
Other text editor Other text editor LinuxMacWindows
Vim Vim Open Source LinuxMacWindows

Updated: October 31, 2011

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