.LPKG File Extension

There are 2 file types use the .LPKG file extension:

  1. Liferay Application
  2. Appspace Language Pack

1. Liferay Application

Liferay Application

An LPKG file is a Zip-compressed package used to deploy applications (plugins) to Liferay users that can be installed on their websites. It contains .JAR files that make up the functionality of the application. LPKG files also store a .PROPERTIES file, which includes information about the application and installation requirements.

Liferay is used to build and manage websites and the Liferay Marketplace is a place where users can search for and download applications, which are contained in LPKG files, that provide additional functionality to their sites, such as a guestbook or survey and feedback tool.

When you download apps from the Liferay Marketplace, they are transferred in the LPKG file then automatically installed by Liferay Portal. However, if you want to install an application not available on the Liferay Marketplace you must install the application manually. To install an application in Liferay, select Control Panel → Apps → App Manager, and click Install. An alternative method is to place the app in the [Liferay_Home]/deploy folder and it will be automatically deployed to the marketplace subfolder and installed.

Software's name License Platforms
Liferay Liferay Paid LinuxMacWindows

Updated: February 9, 2018

2. Appspace Language Pack

Appspace Language Pack
  • Developer Appspace
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  • Category Data Files
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An LPKG file is a language pack used by Appspace, an online platform used to keep business team members informed and engaged with videos and managment content tools. It contains a language dictionary that can be exported and imported in Appspace for different modules on the platform.

Appspace comes with a default LPKG file installed for the English language. However you can import LPKG files for other languages by selecting the "Import" icon in the "Languages" management interface in Appspace.

Once you import an LPKG file to Appspace it will appear in the left pane of the "Languages" management interface. This pane shows all the LPKG files you currently have installed. When you click on the language, an "Overview" window shows all of the Appspace system components the language applies to and its translation state. The state may be one of the following:

  • None - None of the phrases are translated.
  • Partial - Some phrases are translated while other phrases are blank.
  • Full - Every phrase is translated.
Software's name License Platforms
Appspace Appspace Free Trial Web

Updated: June 23, 2017

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