.LUCIDSNIPPET File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .LUCIDSNIPPET extension:

Lucid Snippet File

Lucid Snippet File

File created by Lucid, a JavaScript web animation building program; contains a default or customized action used by the Lucid program to add functions to the webpage; if deleted, will remove the function and prohibit it from being added.

The default LUCIDSNIPPET files can be located by following these steps:

  1. Open the Finder window and right-click the Lucid application icon in the location you saved it (most likely under Applications).
  2. Select Show Package Contents → Contents → Resources → Objects, the files will be located in these folders, they're organized the same way they appear on the object bar in the Lucid window.

You can create your own LUCIDSNIPPET file by clicking on the "Action" (under ACTIONS in the Lucid window) you want to save, then click the "Save Snippet" clipboard icon in the top left. Once you fill out the name and description, click Save to Snippets. The LUCIDSNIPPET file is now created and saved in your Snippets folder.

googlemap.lucidsnippet - Google Map action that enables you to place a Google Map on your webpage; found in the Google folder.

animate.lucidsnippet - Animate action that enables you to animate the alteration of a property; found in the jQuery folder.

Software's name License Platforms
The Escapers Lucid The Escapers Lucid Free Trial Mac

Updated: December 6, 2013

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