.LWO File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .LWO extension:

LightWave 3D Object File

LightWave 3D Object File

Three-dimensional object created by LightWave 3D, a program used for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering; contains points, polygons, and surfaces that describe the object's shape and appearance; may also contain references to image files used for object textures.

LWO files are saved in the LWO2 format beginning with LightWave 6.0. They may also be exported by Foundry Modo, which is another 3D modeling program.

Software's name License Platforms
Bondware Poser Bondware Poser Commercial MacWindows
Cheetah3D Cheetah3D Free Trial Mac
Foundry Modo Foundry Modo Free Trial LinuxMacWindows
MicroMouse AccuTrans 3D MicroMouse AccuTrans 3D Free Trial Windows
NewTek LightWave 3D NewTek LightWave 3D Commercial MacWindows
pmG messiahStudio pmG messiahStudio Commercial MacWindows

Updated: October 31, 2017

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