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Mahjong Titans Saved Game

Mahjong Titans Saved Game
  • Developer Microsoft
  • Popularity
    3.9 (10 votes)
  • Category Game Files
  • Format N/A

Saved game file created by Mahjong Titans, a mahjong solitaire game included with Windows Vista and Windows 7; saves the current state of the game so it can be continued at a later time.

When you save a game while closing Mahjong Titans, you will be prompted to resume the saved game the next time you open the program.

NOTE: Mahjong Titans was renamed as Mahjong and the MAHJONGTITANSSAVE-MS file is no longer used to save games.

Software's name License Platforms
Microsoft Mahjong Microsoft Mahjong Free+ Windows

Updated: February 24, 2017

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