.MFI File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .MFI extension:

HDClone MFI Disk Image

HDClone MFI Disk Image

An MFI file is a disk image created by HDClone, a utility for copying and backing up disk images. It is saved in the HDClone MFI image format and stores the entire data from a disk, which includes the file structure and all files and folders from the disk.

HDClone was initially released in 2003 to provide various disk image cloning and backing up capabilities. The application supports the backing up of disk images and other mass storage media, the copying of software and operating system installations, and rescuing defective hard disks.

Miray Software introduced the HDClone MFI image format when it released HDClone 8 in 2018. HDClone MFI then became the default image format for HDClone 9 in 2019. To create an MFI file with HDClone, select "Images," then click "FullImage" under the "Create" option.

[YYYYMMDD]Image.mfi - The naming convention for MFI files created by HDClone. The [YYYYMMDD] represents the year, month, and day the MFI file was created. For example, an MFI file created on December 15, 2020 would be named 20201215Image.mfi.

You can open MFI files with Miray HDClone 8 and later. Version 7 or earlier of HDClone does not support the MFI format. To open an MFI file with HDClone select "Images," then click "Restore" under the "Recover" option.

HDClone is available as a Free Edition with limited copying and restoring capabilities. The commercial version of Miray HDClone requires purchase but offers more advanced capabilities.

Software's name License Platforms
Miray HDClone Miray HDClone Paid Windows
Miray HDClone Free Edition Miray HDClone Free Edition Free Windows

Updated: May 20, 2021

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