.MID File Extension

There are 2 file types use the .MID file extension:

  1. Guitar Rhythm Data File
  2. MapInfo Data File

1. Guitar Rhythm Data File

Guitar Rhythm Data File

A MID file may also contain song data used by various guitar rhythm video games, such as Guitar Hero, Clone Hero, Phase Shift, and Rock Band. It does not contain audio data, but instead uses MIDI data to mark events during song playback. Events include guitar notes, practice mode sections, star power phrases, and other events.

MID files are typically stored in a folder with one or more audio files. For example, a Guitar Hero audio track (saved as an .OGG file) may have a corresponding MID file that contains guitar notes to be played for that song.

Most guitar rhythm gamers will not need to open or edit MID files unless they are looking to modify notes or create their own song files. If you want to modify notes, you can open and edit MID files using FeedBack and Moonscraper Chart Editor. You can import MID files directly into Guitar Hero III using Guitar Hero Three Control Panel (GHTPC).

NOTE: Guitar rhythm files are also saved with a .CHART file extension to avoid confusion with standard MIDI files.

notes.mid - The standard filename used to store guitar rhythm data for a specific song

Software's name License Platforms
Clone Hero Clone Hero Free Windows
FeedBack FeedBack Free Windows
Guitar Hero Three Control Panel Guitar Hero Three Control Panel Free Windows
Moonscraper Chart Editor Moonscraper Chart Editor Free Windows
Phase Shift Phase Shift Free Windows

Updated: March 24, 2019

2. MapInfo Data File

MapInfo Data File
  • Developer Pitney Bowes Software
  • Popularity
    3.1 (26 votes)
  • Category GIS Files
  • Format Binary

GIS data file created by MapInfo, a spatial data analysis and visualization software; saves spatial data for a corresponding .MIF (MapInfo Interchange Format) file; used for storing larger data sets not expressed in the MIF file.

Software's name License Platforms
GDAL GDAL Open Source LinuxMacWindows
Pitney Bowes MapInfo Pitney Bowes MapInfo Paid Windows

Updated: March 4, 2012

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