Misc Files

File Extension File Type Popularity
.T$M AVG Internet Security Temporary File
.TBS TuneUp Utilities Boot Screen
.TCR TouchMagix Creative Suite Published File
.TCZ Tiny Core File
.TD Thunder Incomplete Download File
.TDL MathType Translator Definition Language
.TEC TECkit Compiled Mapping File
.TEMP Temporary (Temp) File
.TFIL Blizzard Software Update File
.THM Sony Ericsson Theme File
.TIP TuneUp Utilities Icon Package
.TKO Win32/Oficla Trojan File
.TLA TuneUp Utilities Startup Logo
.TLB OLE Type Library
.TLS TuneUp Utilities Logon Screen
.TMB Timbuktu Pro Connection Document
.TMPL Xfire User Interface Template
.TNEF Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
.TNSP TI-Nspire PublishView Document
.TOC Eudora Table of Contents
.TORRENT BitTorrent File
.TPKEY TexturePacker License Key File
.TPL Document Template
.TPM Transformation Parameters Model File
.TPM Trusted Platform Module Password File
.TRACE VMware ThinApp Trace Log File
.TSCDF TechSmith Camtasia Device Frame File
.TSK TTPod Skin
.TSTREAM SwarmPlayer Streaming Torrent
.TT2 Microsoft Temporary Font Installation File
.TTX Trados TagEditor File
.UDS NetBackup UNIX Domain Socket File
.ULS NetMeeting User Location Service File
.UNK Unknown File
.UNKNOWN Unknown File Type
.UNL Garmin Unlock File
.UPG Upgrade File
.URR Uniface Signatures File
.VBT Spyware Doctor Temporary Scan File
.VBT iAntiVirus Temporary Scan File
.VDI StepMania Debug Resource File
.VDJSEND VirtualDJ Send File
.VER Version Record
.VFS Virtual File System Index
.VIR Virus-Infected File
.VLCL VMware Localization File
.VMDK-CONVERTTMP VMWare Fusion Temporary File
.VMF_AUTOSAVE Valve Hammer Editor Autosave File
.VMG Nokia Text Message
.VMHF VMware Hot Fix File
.VMHR VMware Hot Fix Request File
.VMSG VMware Application Message File
.VNCLOC Screen Sharing VNC Internet Location
.VOL Volfs File System Directory
.VOR StarOffice Template
.VP3 Husqvarna Viking / Pfaff Embroidery File
.VPA VPchat Chat Gestures File
.VPC7 Virtual Machine Package
.VS Vivid Include File
.W Google Toolbar Search History File
.WAL Winamp Modern Skin
.WBA WindowBlinds Compressed Skin
.WCINV Windows Meeting Space Invitation File
.WCM Microsoft Works Communications Script
.WDSEML Thunderbird Searchable Email File
.WEAVELIBRARY Painter Weave Library
.WGS Walk-Graph Segment File
.WJE WinJournal Entry
.WJF WinJournal Journal File
.WLX Windows Live Mesh Sync File
.WORDLIST Desktop Poet Word List File
.WRTS Wrts File
.WSZ Winamp Classic Skin
.WTC Logitech Webcam File
.WUL WinUHA Language File
.WWD Works Wizard File
.WZMUL WinZip Registration File
.XENSEARCH XenCenter Saved Search File
.XLNK XML Shortcut File
.XLW Microsoft Excel Workspace
.XLW Excel Workspace File
.XMP Extensible Metadata Platform File
.XNK Exchange Shortcut
.XOL PowerDesigner Object Language File
.XPR PressIt Disc Label
.XSIG XAdES XML Signature File
.XSLIC XenServer License File
.XWF OmniPage Workflow File
.XXX Compucon Singer Embroidery File
.YBD YobiDrive Link File
.YBK Microsoft Encarta Yearbook File
.YMG Yahoo! Messenger File
.YPS Yahoo! Messenger Data File
.Z1 ZoneAlarm Renamed VB File
.Z80 TI-83 and 84 Plus Calculator File
.ZM1 ZoneAlarm Renamed MDA File
.ZM2 ZoneAlarm Renamed MDZ File
.ZM3 ZoneAlarm Renamed NCH File
.ZM9 ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed Zip File
.ZML Zooming Markup Language File
.ZTF DVD Label Template File
.ZTR DVD Label Template Media File
.ZVPL Visual Paradigm License File
.ZZZ CCleaner Securely Deleted File
.!BT BitTorrent Incomplete Download File
.!QB qBittorrent Partial Download File
.!SYNC BitTorrent Partially Synced File
.!UT uTorrent Incomplete Download
.000 Windows CE Installation Data File
.1 Unix Section 1 Manual Page
.1PH TurboTax File
.323 H.323 Internet Telephony File
.3DC RacerMate 3D Course File
.83P TI-83 Calculator File
.8XP TI-83 Plus Calculator File
._EML Windows Live Mail Email File
._NWS Windows Live Mail Newsgroup Copy File
._SYS.LFO Adware File
.AAWDEF Ad-Aware Definitions File
.ABR Adobe Photoshop Brushes File
.AC$ AutoCAD Temporary File
.ACB AOL Cab Launcher
.ACL AutoCorrect List File
.ACS Agent Character File
.ADD Dynamics AX Developer Documentation File
.ADI Dynamics AX Developer Documentation Index File
.ADM Portfolio Admin-Level Access Flag
.AEPKEY Advanced Encryption Package Key File
.AFPLOC Apple Filing Protocol Location
.AGD Agile Advantage E-mail Attachment
.AHD Dynamics AX Online Help Data File
.AHI Dynamics AX Online Help Index File
.AIF Symbian Application Information File
.AIM AOL Instant Messenger Launch File
.ALT Dynamics AX Temporary File
.AML Microsoft Assistance Markup Language File
.AOD Dynamics AX Object Data File
.AOI Dynamics AX Application Object Index File
.APF Adobe Profile File
.APPDOWNLOAD Mac App Store Partially Downloaded App
.APPUP Erlang Application Upgrade File
.ARIA2 aria2 Control File
.ARR Advanced RAR Password Recovery Project
.ART BERNINA Embroidery File
.ASH Nintendo Wii System Menu File
.ASS Aegisub Advanced SubStation Alpha File
.ATZ Atomic Time Zone File
.AUZ Ableton Authorization File
.AVASTLIC Avast License File
.AVGDX AVG Diagnostics File
.AWD Award BIOS Update File
.AZ! Vuze Partial Download File
.BBL BibTeX Generated Bibliography File
.BC BitComet Partially Downloaded File
.BC! BitComet Incomplete File
.BDR Publisher Borders File
.BFC Windows Briefcase File
.BKMK Yummy FTP Bookmark File
.BLF MasterWorks Working File
.BLI Thomson Speedtouch Firmware File
.BMC Embroidery Image File
.BMK Nokia Device Bookmark File
.BND DB2 CLI Bind File
.BOOTSKIN Stardock Bootskin File
.BOX Microsoft Store Download File
.BPDX Acrobat Batch PDX File
.BPL AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.BPS BPS Virus File
.BQY Brio Query File
.BRUSHCATEGORY Painter Brush Category File
.BRUSHLIBRARY Painter Brush Library
.BST BibTeX Style Document
.BT! BitSpirit Incomplete Download File
.BUF Buffer File
.BUP McAfee Quarantined File
.CACHE Cache File
.CAS Autodesk Cascade License File
.CBDS Comic Book DS File
.CBT Computer Based Training File
.CCH .NET Security Resolution Cache File
.CDF-MS ClickOnce Compiled Manifest File
.CERBER3 Cerber Ransomware Virus File
.CFL IMVU Product File
.CFS Lucene Compound Index File
.CHK Saved File Fragment
.CHUNK001 File Splitter Split Archive Part 1
.CHW Compiled Help Index File
.CLKK Clicker Keyboard
.CLKT Clicker Template
.CLKW Clicker Word Bank
.CLKX Clicker Grid Set
.CLR Animate Color Set
.CLS LaTeX Document Class File
.CML CryptoMailer Encrypted File
.CMM Corel Multimedia Manager Album
.CONTOUR Contour Screenplay File
.CP3 Grand Prix 3 Cockpit Shape File
.CPT Pocket Slides Presentation
.CRC Total Commander Checksum File
.CRD Guitar Tabs
.CRD Windows CardSpace File
.CSH Photoshop Custom Shapes File
.CTF Content Transformation File
.CTF AVG Update Control File
.CTG Canon Digital Camera Catalog File
.CUL Windows Cursor Library
.CVR Microsoft Crash Report File
.CXF Picasa Collage File
.DA2 Ad-Aware License File
.DAL Download Accelerator Plus URL List
.DAP Download Accelerator Plus Partial Download
.DAT Exchange E-mail Attachment
.DAT Piriform DAT File
.DAT Inno Setup Uninstaller Data File
.DB Windows Thumbnail Cache
.DBX Outlook Express E-mail Folder
.DC1 Bloomba E-mail Message
.DCTMP DC++ Partially Downloaded File
.DECRYPT Decrypted Microsoft ESD File
.DEK Memorize-It Flashcard Deck
.DESKTOP Desktop Entry File
.DFU LaTeX Font Encoding File
.DGC TurboTax Tax Form
.DICT Dictionary File
.DISABLED Spybot - Search & Destroy Disabled File
.DISKDEFINES Linux LiveCD Information File
.DLM Akamai Download Manager File
.DMS Renamed Downloaded File
.DMX-INFO DriverMax Driver Information File
.DOWNLOADING Pando Incomplete Download File
.DRC DRM Rights Object
.DSC Nikon Disk Identification File
.DSKIN DockX Skin
.DST Tajima Embroidery Format
.DSTUDIO DownloadStudio Incomplete Download
.DTAPART DownThemAll! Partially Downloaded File
.DWC Emulex DWC Firmware Update File
.DWL TurboCAD Drawing Lock File
.DWLIBRARY Paperless Document Library
.EBN Philips Firmware Update File
.EDC Kryptel Lite Encrypted File
.EEK Arachne Network-Enabled Script
.EF2 Internet Download Manager Export File
.EFL External Format Language File
.EGT EagleGet Temporary File
.EMAIL Outlook Express Email Message
.ENC Encore Musical Notation File
.ENF EndNote Filter File
.ENML Evernote for Android Note
.EQN WordPerfect Equation
.ERL GameGuard Error Log File
.ERR AutoCAD Error Log File
.ESD Windows Electronic Software Download File
.EVENT Corel Cataloged Folder File
.EWNET Ultiboard Netlist File
.EXD Control Information Cache File
.EXT Generic Email Attachment
.EXTRA Google BreakPad Crash Log Extra File
.EYB Microsoft Encarta Yearbook Update File
.EZLOG Skype Extras Manager Log File
.EZW easyOFFER Real Estate Form File
.FB! FlashGet Incomplete Download File
.FDR Windows Error Report File
.FEEDBACK Expression SketchFlow Feedback File
.FFL Fetion Emoticons Package
.FFU Full Flash Update Image File
.FILE Generic Windows File
.FL3 Flash 3D File
.FLF Microsoft Dynamics NAV License File
.FLK AccountEdge Company Lock File
.FLOWMAPLIBRARY Painter Flowmap Library
.FMELIC FME License File
.FND Windows Saved Search
.FNLF Scarlett Plug-in Suite License File
.FPFV File Protected From Virus
.FPK JetForm FormFlow File
.FRK Macintosh Resource or Data Fork
.FRM Form File
.FRZ Locked FormFlow File
.FTIL e-Hastakshar Contract Note
.FTPLOC FTP Location
.FW Firmware Update File
.G1A Casio Graphing Calculator Add-in File
.G3A Casio Prizm Add-in File
.GAU Flight Simulator Gauge File
.GG Google Desktop Gadget File
.GLINK Google Drive External File Shortcut
.GLY Word Glossary File
.GLY Microsoft Word Glossary File
.GOD God Configuration File
.GP4 Guitar Pro 4 Tablature
.GPG GNU Privacy Guard Public Keyring
.GRADIENTLIBRARY Painter Gradient Library
.GRADIENTS Painter Gradation Library
.GSP Geometer's Sketchpad File
.GTA Microsoft Groove Tool Archive
.H1Q Microsoft Help Merged Query Index File
.HDK HotDocs Registration File
.HDX Delphi MultiHelp Index File
.HEX Hexadecimal Source File
.HLB VMS / VAX Help Library
.HLX ATI Radeon Video Driver Support File
.HMX Help & Manual 4 Project
.HPS HP Digital Sender Metadata File
.HS Motorola Flash Flex File
.HXA Microsoft Help 2 Attribute Definition File
.HXC Microsoft Help 2 Collection Definition File
.HXE Microsoft Help 2 Sample Definition File
.HXK Microsoft Help 2 Index File
.HXT Microsoft Help 2 Table of Contents File
.HYP Dictionary Information File
.ICALENDAR iCalendar File
.ICMA InCopy Assignment File
.ICONTAINER CandyBar iContainer File
.ICS Calendar File
.ID Lotus Notes User ID File
.IDX Movie Subtitle File
.IFL 3ds Max Image File List
.IIX Translation Memory Index File
.IMAGEPORTFOLIOLIBRARY Painter Image Portfolio Library
.IML ACT! Internet Mail Message
.IMY iMelody Ringtone File
.IN Spyware File
.INCA InCopy CS3 Assignment File
.IND Memory Stick Formatting File
.INDK Adobe Shortcut Set File
.INETLOC Internet Location
.INFO Generic Information File
.INFO Texinfo Document
.ING MasterCook Ingredients File
.INLK Adobe InDesign Lock File
.INM FaxMaster Document
.IOBIT Advanced SystemCare Rollback File
.IPSW iPod and iPhone Software Update File
.ISN Installer Source File
.ITC iTunes Cover Flow Data File
.IVA Dementia.4207 Virus File
.IWS InstallWatch Scan File
.JAD Java Application Descriptor File
.JC FlashGet Partial Download
.JC! FlashGet Incomplete Download
.JCL JCloze File
.JCW JCross File
.JMS Masher Project
.JMT JMatch File
.JMX JMix File
.JQZ JQuiz File
.JRS Exchange Reserve Transaction Log File
.KEY Software License Key File
.KEY LightWave License File
.KHD Dynamics AX Kernel Help Data File
.KHI Dynamics AX Kernel Help Index File
.KMR KnowledgeMill Link File
.KPF Kindle Create Publishable File
.KWM WebMoney Key File
.KYR Lotus Domino Key Ring File
.LAY DVD Studio Pro Layout File
.LCK Program Lock File
.LDB Microsoft Access Lock File
.LEGAL DaveTech Legal Document
.LETTER Undeliverable Mail File
.LICENSEKEY iPartition License Key File
.LID Kodak EasyShare Album File
.LINK iPod Link File
.LINX iPod Links Folder
.LOCK Lock File
.LOGONVISTA LogonStudio Windows Vista Logon Screen
.LOGONXP LogonStudio Windows XP Logon Screen
.LOOKLIBRARY Painter Looks Library
.LOOV Smadav Virus Definitions File
.LRC Lyrics File
.LRS Check Point License Request File
.LSN Finale Lesson File
.LTF Frogans Shortcut File
.LVL Android Motion Video Thumbnail File
.LWTP LimeWire Theme Pack
.LXA Microsoft Speech Lexicon File
.LYR ArcView Layer File
.MAB Mozilla Address Book
.MAILTOLOC Mail Internet Location File
.MANIFEST Steam Manifest File
.MAP TECkit Mapping File
.MAR Mozilla Archive
.MAT Microsoft Access Table Shortcut File
.MBS Opera Mailbox File
.MC2 MasterCook 5 Cookbook File
.MCF MasterCook 2 Cookbook File
.MCO Live Messenger Winks File
.MD0 Adobe Photoshop Metadata Cache File
.MD5 MD5 Checksum File
.MDF Translation Memory Data Find File
.MDL Flight Simulator Airplane Model
.MDW Access Workgroup File
.MGDATABASE MacGourmet Deluxe Database File
.MGO MacGourmet Recipe File
.MGT Musicnotes Guitar Guru Song File
.MIF Management Information Format
.MJDOC MacJournal Document
.MLS CrystalPlayer Playlist
.MMO Memory Map Overlay File
.MNL AutoCAD Menu LISP File
.MNX FoxPro Menu
.MOBILEPROVISION Xcode Mobile Provisioning Profile
.MONTAGE Montage Screenplay File
.MPCPL Media Player Classic Playlist
.MRK DPOF Auto Print Order File
.MSF Mail Summary File
.MSI Windows Installer Package
.MSO Microsoft Office Macro Reference File
.MSO Inline E-mail Attachment
.MSRCINCIDENT Windows Remote Assistance Invitation File
.MTA Samsung AllShare Metadata File
.MTD Musicnotes Digital Sheet Music File
.MTF Translation Memory Translations File
.MTF MasterCook Tips
.MTHD MOPEKS Method File
.MUM Windows Vista Update Package
.MVI AutoCAD Movie Command File
.MWD MyWorkDrive Client Shortcut File
.MWF Translation Memory Word Find File
.NA2 Netscape Address Book File
.NAV MSN Application Extension File
.NAV2 WinAVI Temporary Navigation File
.NCH Outlook Express Folder File
.NCW Nero CoverDesigner Wizard File
.ND5 Renamed NDS File
.NDL Lotus Notes Doclink File
.NEW New G-Suite File
.NFS Network File System Temporary File
.NICK Outlook 2000 Nickname File
.NJB Nikon Photo Index File
.NK2 Outlook 2002 Nickname File
.NOMEDIA Android No Media File
.NOZZLELIBRARY Painter Nozzle Library
.NSS Magentic Screensaver File
.NTF MediaFACE II CD Label File
.NTH Nokia Series 40 Theme File
.NUP Smart Security Update File
.NVI NVIDIA Driver File
.NWP Magentic Wallpaper File
.OB! Orbit Downloader Incomplete Download
.OCR Subtitle Workshop OCR Script
.ODF OpenDocument Formula
.ODS Outlook Express 5 Mailbox
.OFM Melco Embroidery File
.OFR SMS Offer Manager File
.OLB OLE Object Library
.OOK Arachne Batch Script
.OPDOWNLOAD Opera Partially Downloaded File
.OPF FlipAlbum File
.OST Outlook Offline Data File
.OTC OpenDocument Chart Template
.OTF OpenDocument Formula Template
.OWG OutWit Gear Database
.OWM OutWit XML Mashup File
.P10 Certificate Request File
.P2P FolderShare Placeholder File
.P7M Digitally Encrypted Message
.P7R Certificate Request Response File
.PAD ACT! Database Pointer File
.PANDO Pando File
.PART Partially Downloaded File
.PARTIAL Internet Explorer Partially Downloaded File
.PDPCOMP Pdplayer Composition File
.PES Brother PE Embroidery Format
.PGP PGP Security Key
.PKPASS Passbook Pass File
.PLA iriver iQuickList File
.PLS Multimedia Playlist File
.PLSK Messenger Plus! Live Skin Pack
.PN Powernoodle File (Discontinued)
.PPF Paint Shop Pro Soft Plastic Preset File
.PPK PuTTY Private Key File
.PRS PlayStation Radio Player Location
.PSAR PSP Update File
.PSF HP-UX Product Specification File
.PSI PrimalScript Online Help Shortcut
.PSS Picture and Sound Show File
.PSW Windows Password Reset Disk File
.PTH 4D Path Document
.PTR Flash Intro Project File
.PVK Private Key File
.PVM HP Photo Album
.QDS Windows Directory Query File
.QIZ Exam Builder Quiz
.QUA Avira AntiVir Quarantined File
.QWQ OpenQwaq Auto-Launch File
.QXL QuarkXPress Library
.RADIUMKEY2 Radium 2 License File
.RASKINLICENSE Raskin License File
.RAT PICS Rating File
.REDIR Spotify Executable Redirect File
.RELOC Windows EXE Relocation Section File
.REM BlackBerry Encrypted Data File
.REQ SSL Certificate Request File
.REQ Canon SD Card Version Request File
.RFB RoboForm Bookmark File
.RFC RoboForm Contact File
.RFN RoboForm Safenote File
.RFP RoboForm Passcard File
.RFT RoboForm Identity File
.RJS RealJukebox Skin File
.RMF Adobe Rights Management Document
.RMH Rights-Managed HTML Document
.RML Elixir Report Template File
.RND Random Hash Data File
.RND PGP Random Seed File
.ROV Report Object Variable
.RPMSG Outlook Restricted Permission Message
.RSA Minecraft JAR Codesign File
.RSA RSA Certificate File
.RTC Live Meeting Connection File
.RTM LabVIEW Run-Time Menu File
.RTP TurboTax Update File
.RWLIBRARY Paperless Receipt Library
.RWZ Outlook Rules Wizard File
.RXC Roxio Certificate File
.SBC Office Accounting Company Shortcut File
.SBK Multimedia ToolBook System Book
.SC Space Engine Script
.SCW Score Writer Document
.SDR Dell Support File
.SDX Kivuto Secure Download Manager File
.SEARCH-MS Windows Saved Search File
.SEC PGP Secret Key Ring
.SFT Microsoft App-V Sequencer File
.SFV Simple File Verification File
.SHS Microsoft Scrap File
.SHX Motorola Flash Superfile
.SIS Symbian Installation File
.SIS.DM Ovi Store DRM-Protected Application
.SISX Symbian OS Installation File
.SISX.DM Nokia Ovi Store DRM-Protected Application
.SKBA SketchBook Pro Animation File
.SKINDEX Mail Index File
.SKR PGP Private Keyring
.SL Software License File
.SLF Symantec License File
.SLUPKG-MS XrML Digital License Package
.SNF Starry Night Pro Document
.SNT Sticky Notes File
.SPD Form·Z Suspended Render File
.SPK Synology Package
.SPUB Disc Cover File
.SR0 SecuROM Analysis File
.SSC Stellarium Script
.SSD WindowBlinds Skin File List
.SSLF HLSW Shared Server List File
.SSW Sony Ericsson Firmware File
.STD CD/DVD Label Template
.STH Lotus Domino Stash File
.STORYMILL StoryMill Project File
.SUM Garmin Checksum File
.SVN-WORK Subversion Cache File
.SWJ SolidWorks Journal File
.SWP Vi Swap File
.SF Minecraft JAR Signature File
.AWC Emulex AWC Firmware Update File
.SPX Pfaff Stitch Pattern File
.MBB Kodak EasyShare Data File
.MAG Access Diagram Shortcut File
.SK Safari History Index File
.MAD Access Module Shortcut
.PLF Papyrus License File
.SST Serialized Certificate Store File
.SNM Netscape Mail Index
.DONE Marker File
.PLAYSET Souptoys Playset File
.DOC# LibreOffice Document Lock File
.ADADOWNLOAD Adobe Download Assistant Partial Download File
.PID Process ID File
.CPU Virtual CPU File
.AD After Dark Screensaver
.CALIBRE Calibre Device Data File
.PAMP Poweramp Album Art File
.DT_ Macintosh Data Fork
.COS2 Pinnacle Studio Cache File
.CVF CPU-Z Validation File
.PPI Yamaha Pack Installation File
.PEKEY PhysicsEditor License Key File
.SIDN iTunes Authorization Data File
.SHA256 FileVerifier++ SHA-256 Hashes File
.CL Cursor Library
.MLPKGINSTALL Support Package Installer File
.SHA512 SHA 512 Hash File
.PT Panther Project File
.ME Temporary Delete Me File
.MJBOOKTEMPLATE MacJournal Book Template
.MCFP Maya Fluid Cache Playback File
.SHA1 SHA-1 Hash File
.CA Initial Telnet Cache
.PAKM PAKM Package File
.DWL2 AutoCAD Drawing Lock File
.SECURE Septium Secure Document
.SRG Ketron Single Registration File
.MZZ Microsoft .NET Download Package
.SHORTCUT Asutype Shortcut
.MS-TNEF MS Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
.CRASHED AbiWord Crash-Saved Document
.SXM StarMath Formula
.DTF Domino Temporary File
.SPLIT Archiver Split File
.SMWT Adobe InDesign Filter
.AWKW Awkwords Word Generator File
.AOL America Online File
.SHV Husqvarna Viking Embroidery File
.DKE DriveLock FDE Disk Key File
.ANNOT Adobe Digital Editions Annotations File
.SLB AutoCAD Slide Library
.SLS Image Playlist
.DUMP Google BreakPad Crash Log File
.PPM_B Nokia PPM Flash File
.MCFI Maya Initial Fluid Cache File
.SC2LOCALE Blizzard StarCraft 2 Localization File
.CMPKG craftersmine Package
.MAILPLANELICENSE Mailplane License File
.MERLINLICENSE Merlin License File
.SELECTIONPORTFOLIOLIBRARY Painter Selection Portfolio Library
.SCRIPTLIBRARY Painter Script Library
.CHKSPLIT Archiver Split Checksum File
.MWLIC MoneyWell License File
.MCI Media Control Interface File
.STMB Synclavier Timbre File
.SMRD Adobe InDesign Filter File
.MXN Miinoto Exchangeable Note File
.PAPERLIBRARY Painter Paper Library
.MAU Media Attachment Unit
.CALB Coolect Album File
.PAP Corel Painter Paper Texture
.PATTERNS Painter Pattern Library
.C2U Texas Instruments CBL 2 OS File
.DUS Readiris Font Dictionary
.### NewSoftwares Temporary File
.VP4 PREMIER+ / Husqvarna Viking / Pfaff Embroidery File
.ART70 BERNINA ARTlink 7 Embroidery File
.ART80 BERNINA ARTlink 8 Embroidery File
.ART50 BERNINA ARTlink 5 Embroidery File
.ART60 BERNINA ARTlink 6 Embroidery File
.LF SoftwareKey System License File
.DHV Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Design File

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