.MLPROJ File Extension

There are 2 file types use the .MLPROJ file extension:

  1. Create ML Project
  2. MATLAB Archived Project

1. Create ML Project

Create ML Project

An MLPROJ file is a machine learning model project file created in Apple Create ML. It contains the component files, including data sources and model containers, used to create, train, and test a model. In macOS, users can right-click an MLPROJ file and select Show Package Contents to view its components.

You can open an MLPROJ file in Apple Create ML. To do so:

  1. Open Apple Xcode.
  2. From the Xcode menu bar, select Xcode → Open Developer Tool → Create ML.
  3. A Finder window will appear. In the window, locate your MLPROJ file. Then, select Open Project.
  4. Your Create ML project will appear in Create ML.

If you have already opened Create ML, you can select File → Open... from its menu bar to open your MLPROJ file.

Software's name License Platforms
Apple Create ML Apple Create ML Free Mac

Updated: February 24, 2021

2. MATLAB Archived Project

MATLAB Archived Project

An MLPROJ file is a MathWorks MATLAB project that has been packaged as a single compressed archive. It contains all the data needed to import and open a project in MATLAB. MLPROJ files are used to share projects among MATLAB users.

MathWorks MATLAB is a cross-platform mathematical analysis and computation program. Researchers, developers, and engineers use MATLAB to perform calculations, develop algorithms, and model, analyze, and explore mathematical data.

When a MATLAB user wants to share a project (.PRJ file) they've been working on with another user, they can package that project and all its component files (including referenced projects) as an MLPROJ file. MLPROJ files are compressed archives, which make them easy to email, upload to a cloud storage system, or store on a USB flash drive. Other MATLAB users can then access and decompress the MLPROJ file, to open the project it contains.

Sometimes, MLPROJ files may contain only some of the files used by a MATLAB project. Users can use MATLAB export profiles to choose what files they include in their MLPROJ archives.

You can open an MLPROJ (MATLAB Project) file in MathWorks MATLAB (cross-platform). If you have MATLAB installed, you can import the project an MLPROJ file contains by double-clicking the file. MATLAB will then open the Extract Project to dialog box. Specify the location at which you want to save the project, and then click Select Folder. The project your MLPROJ file contains will then open in MATLAB.

Software's name License Platforms
The MathWorks MATLAB The MathWorks MATLAB Commercial LinuxMacWindows

Updated: December 26, 2020

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