.MM File Extension

There are 3 file types use the .MM file extension:

  1. NeXtMidas Macro File
  2. Mind Map File
  3. Objective-C++ Source File

1. NeXtMidas Macro File

NeXtMidas Macro File
  • Developer Technology Management Associates
  • Popularity
    4.1 (7 votes)
  • Category Executable Files
  • Format Text

Macro file used by NeXtMidas, a networked MIDAS signal processing framework; contains a sequence of commands used to automate processes within the NeXtMidas application; can include procedures and subroutines.

Macros are convenient to use since they automate lengthy sequences of commands that are executed often. There are two types of macros used by NeXtMidas. One type is an installed macro with default values assigned to its parameters. This type can be installed by adding it to the command dictionary. The second type is a user macro, which is an uninstalled macro. This type cannot have default parameter values given by the system.

MIDAS stands for Multi-user Interactive Development and Analysis System. NeXtMidas is a networked version of the MIDAS shell written in Java. It is used to manipulate digitized signals and other signal collection and processing systems data. It's primary mode of operation is responding to text commands, which makes the use of MM macro files important.

NOTE: NeXtMidas requires Java 6 or later in order to run.

Software's name License Platforms
Technology Management Assoicates NeXtMidas Technology Management Assoicates NeXtMidas Free LinuxMacWebWindows

Updated: June 1, 2014

2. Mind Map File

Mind Map File
  • Developer FreeMind
  • Popularity
    3.8 (67 votes)
  • Category Data Files
  • Format N/A

An MM file contains a "mind map," which is a visual diagram that consists of text, nodes, branches, shapes, and icons that represent ideas. It may be created by a variety of "mind-mapping" programs, such as FreeMind and Freeplane. MM files are often used for organizing ideas when brainstorming, researching topics, tracking projects, and taking notes.

Software's name License Platforms
FreeMind FreeMind Free LinuxMacWindows
Freeplane Freeplane Free LinuxMacWindows
MindGenius MindGenius Free Trial Windows
Seavus iMindQ Seavus iMindQ Commercial AndroidiOSMacWebWindows
XMind XMind Open Source LinuxMacWindows

Updated: March 12, 2020

3. Objective-C++ Source File

Objective-C++ Source File

Source code file written in both the Objective-C and C++ programming languages; differs from an .M file, which only contains Objective-C code; used for including C++ code within Mac-based applications.

Software's name License Platforms
Apple Xcode Apple Xcode Freeware Mac

Updated: March 1, 2015

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