.MMRC File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .MMRC extension:

MADRIX MIDI Remote Configuration

MADRIX MIDI Remote Configuration

An MMRC file is a MIDI remote configuration created by MADRIX, a professional LED lighting controller. It contains a list of pre-programmed commands used to control lighting installations via a MIDI remote. MMRC files are created and edited in the MADRIX MIDI Remote Editor.

MADRIX is a German company that sells professional-grade LED lighting controls. Combined, MADRIX's hardware and software allow lighting operators to design and control sophisticated LED displays, used at concerts, clubs, and other venues.

MADRIX's lighting control software includes a tool called the MIDI Remote Editor. The MIDI Remote Editor allows lighting operators to create sets of pre-programmed commands they can use to control lighting installations. Operators then associate these commands, saved within an MMRC file, with the buttons on a MIDI remote control. Using their remotes, operators can easily synchronize lighting sequences with other elements of an event or display, including audio and video.

You can open an MMRC file in MADRIX using the MIDI Remote Editor. To open an MMRC file:

  1. Select Preferences → Remote Control → MIDI from the MADRIX menu bar.
  2. Click Edit....
  3. The MIDI Remote Editor will open. Click Open... to open your MMRC file.
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Updated: July 15, 2020

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