.MP File Extension

There are 2 file types use the .MP file extension:

  1. LaTeX MetaPost File
  2. Maya PLE Project File

1. LaTeX MetaPost File

LaTeX MetaPost File

File used by MetaPost, a graphics-drawing language used for creating pictures in Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS) files and LaTeX documents (.TEX and .LTX files); may contain basic drawing statements or more advanced instructions for algorithmic drawing.

The MetaPost system is often used for drawing diagrams in technical documents and academic journal papers. Since supports the automatic generation of formatted images in documents, it is commonly used for graphing data results as illustrations and figures in papers.

NOTE: MetaPost is based off of the Metafont technology, which was created by Donald Knuth.

Software's name License Platforms
MetaGraf   —  Discontinued MetaGraf  —  Discontinued Free LinuxWindows
MetaPost Editor and Previewer MetaPost Editor and Previewer Free LinuxMacWindows
Texmaker Texmaker Open Source LinuxMacWindows

Updated: September 3, 2010

2. Maya PLE Project File

Maya PLE Project File

Project created with Maya Personal Learning Edition (PLE), a 3D modeling program developed for non-commercial use; similar to a .MA file, but saved in a non-commercial format with an identifying watermark.

NOTE: MP files can be opened with Maya PLE, but cannot be opened with the commercial version of Maya.

Software's name License Platforms
Autodesk Maya PLE Autodesk Maya PLE MacWindows

Updated: July 27, 2008

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