.MW File Extension

There are 2 file types use the .MW file extension:

  1. Maple Worksheet
  2. MacWrite Text Document

1. Maple Worksheet

Maple Worksheet
  • Developer Maplesoft
  • Popularity
    3.4 (28 votes)
  • Category Data Files
  • Format XML

Worksheet created with Maple, a technical computing software program; may include advanced mathematics equations, graphs, plots, animations, user comments, and other data; encoded in an XML format.

NOTE: MW files are created by Maple 9 and later. Previous versions saved worksheets with an .MWS extension.

Software's name License Platforms
Maplesoft Maple Maplesoft Maple Free Trial LinuxMacWindows

Updated: August 22, 2009

2. MacWrite Text Document

MacWrite Text Document
  • Developer Apple
  • Popularity
    2.8 (8 votes)
  • Category Text Files
  • Format N/A

Text document created by MacWrite, the first word processing program available for the Macintosh; contains text, font styles, and basic page formatting information.

NOTE: MacWrite, AppleWorks, and ClarisWorks have been discontinued.

Software's name License Platforms
Apple AppleWorks Apple AppleWorks Commercial iOSMacWindows
Apple ClarisWorks Apple ClarisWorks MacWindows
Apple MacWrite Apple MacWrite Mac

Updated: June 9, 2014

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