.OBK File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .OBK extension:

OrangeCD Backup File

OrangeCD Backup File
  • Developer Codium Labs
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  • Category Backup Files
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An OBK file contains a backup of a .DAB database created by OrangeCD Catalog, a program included with the OrangeCD Suite used to catalog users' digital music collections. It stores the same information as the DAB database but is created in case the original database becomes corrupt or is deleted.

OrangeCD Catalog is designed to make it easier for you to organize and access your locally stored music. The application allows you to add songs from CDs, DVDs, and digital audio files into a database, and stores references to the locations of the media and its metadata in the DAB database file.

You can create an OBK backup for a database with OrangeCD Catalog by selecting Database → Backup → To file....

You can only open OBK files with OrangeCD Catalog. To open an OBK file, select Database → Restore from backup....

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OrangeCD Suite OrangeCD Suite Free Trial Windows

Updated: December 14, 2020

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