.OFD File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .OFD extension:

OfficeForms Document

OfficeForms Document

An OFD file is a document created by OfficeForms, a form creation and distribution program developed by Toplevel Computing. It contains a form that a user can edit with OfficeForms or fill out with Toplevel Form Filler. OFD files were most often used by government agencies in the United Kingdom to transmit information between employees and departments.

While OfficeForms and Form Filler were once used by a variety of government agencies and businesses, the program is now obsolete. Toplevel is now owned by Equiniti, which offers an all-in-one electronic communication platform called EQ Outreach in place of OfficeForms and other old Toplevel products.

You can open an OFD file with Toplevel OfficeForms or Form Filler (Windows). If you do not have access to OfficeForms or Form Filler, you may be able to open your OFD file with Kofax OmniPage (Windows).

Software's name License Platforms
Kofax OmniPage Kofax OmniPage Commercial MacWindows
Toplevel Form Filler Toplevel Form Filler Windows
Toplevel OfficeForms Toplevel OfficeForms Windows

Updated: July 15, 2020

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