.OFFICEUI File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .OFFICEUI extension:

Microsoft Office UI Customization File

Microsoft Office UI Customization File

An OFFICEUI file is a settings file used by Microsoft Office, an industry-standard productivity suite. It contains XML code that customizes Microsoft Office ribbons. OFFICEUI files include code that defines custom tabs, commands, groups, and other facets of Microsoft Office's UI.

Each Microsoft Office application uses its own OFFICEUI file, which is named accordingly. For example, Microsoft Word's OFFICEUI file is named Word.officeui. When you make changes to Microsoft Word's ribbon, the changes are saved in Word's OFFICEUI file. They are not applied to Excel, PowerPoint, or other Office applications' ribbons. If you want to customize every Microsoft Office ribbon, you must do so manually from within each individual Office application.

How do I customize a Microsoft Office ribbon?

To customize an application's ribbon, right-click in the ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon.... Then, make your changes. Advanced users can also modify a ribbon's XML code directly in its corresponding OFFICEUI file. OFFICEUI files are located in one of the following directories:

%LocalAppData%/Microsoft/Office (Windows with Roaming Registry Key not set)

%AppData%/Microsoft/Office (Windows with Roaming Registry Key set)

Users/~/Library/Containers/{Office App Name}/Data/Library/Preferences (Mac)

How do I share a customized Microsoft Office ribbon?

To share the ribbon stored in an OFFICEUI file with another Microsoft Office user, you must export the ribbon's settings within an .EXPORTEDUI file. To do so:

  1. Right-click in the ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon....
  2. Select Import/ExportExport all customizations.
  3. Name your EXPORTEDUI file and select Save.

You can then share your EXPORTEDUI file with another user, who can import the file to apply its ribbon settings in the same Office application. To import an EXPORTEDUI file:

  1. Right-click in the ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon....
  2. Select Import/ExportImport customization file.
  3. Select your EXPORTEDUI file and then select Open.

NOTE: OFFICEUI files were introduced with Microsoft Office 2010 but are compatible with later versions of Office.

OFFICEUI files are not meant to be opened. For instructions on customizing a Microsoft Office ribbon or sharing your custom ribbon with another Microsoft Office user, refer to the information above.

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Microsoft Office 2019 Microsoft Office 2019 Free Trial MacWindows
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Updated: March 15, 2021

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