.OSDX File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .OSDX extension:

Search Connector Description File

Search Connector Description File

Installation file for a Search Connector (.SEARCHCONNECTOR-MS file) in Microsoft Windows; contains description information for a remote storage location; installs a Search Connector in Windows so users can browse remote locations in the Windows Explorer; useful for setting up remote office work environments.

If you receive an OSDX file, you can double-click it and Windows will install a Search Connector to the following directory: [user]\Searches\. You can open the installed Search Connector to browse your remote location. Note that the SEARCHCONNECTOR-MS files actually appear as folders since Windows does not display their file extension.

NOTE: The "OSD" in OSDX stands for OpenSearch Description and the "X" stands for XML, the formatting used for OSDX files.

Software's name License Platforms
Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows Commercial Windows

Updated: October 10, 2011

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