.OTF File Extension

There are 3 file types use the .OTF file extension:

  1. OpenType Font
  2. OpenDocument Formula Template
  3. OpenTuft Tufting Design File

1. OpenType Font

OpenType Font
  • Developer Adobe Systems and Microsoft
  • Popularity
    3.6 (118 votes)
  • Category Font Files
  • Format N/A

An OTF file is a font file saved in the OpenType format developed by Adobe and Microsoft. It combines aspects of the PostScript and TrueType font formats. OTF fonts are fully scalable, meaning the characters can be resized without losing quality.

The OpenType font format is supported by macOS and Windows 2000 and later. OTF files must be stored in the system Fonts directory in order to be accessible by applications.

Software's name License Platforms
Apple Font Book Apple Font Book Included Mac
FontForge FontForge Freeware LinuxMacWindows
Microsoft Windows Font Viewer Microsoft Windows Font Viewer Included Windows

Updated: January 30, 2021

2. OpenDocument Formula Template

OpenDocument Formula Template
  • Developer Apache Software Foundation
  • Popularity
    2.6 (27 votes)
  • Category Misc Files
  • Format Binary

Template for creating formulas used by OpenOffice spreadsheets; allows cells within the spreadsheet to be automatically filled in based on formula calculations; formatted using the OASIS OpenDocument XML standard.

Software's name License Platforms
OpenOffice Calc OpenOffice Calc Free LinuxMacWindows

Updated: April 22, 2018

3. OpenTuft Tufting Design File

OpenTuft Tufting Design File
  • Developer NedGraphics
  • Popularity
    2.6 (22 votes)
  • Category Data Files
  • Format Text

General interface format for creating tuft designs that can be processed by tufting machines; allows designs to be weaved into various textile products; contains information such as thread-up, yarn placement, and yarn tuft lengths.

The OTF file format is specified in a Windows .INI file-like structure.

NOTE: The OTF format is supported by NedGraphics tuft design software, but NedGraphics changed the ".otf" extension to ".otu" since there were conflicts with OpenType font files.

Software's name License Platforms
NedGraphics Tuft software NedGraphics Tuft software Windows

Updated: April 1, 2011

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