Page Layout Files

File Extension File Type Popularity
.T2D TouchDraw Document
.TDS Adobe LiveCyle Designer Template
.TOTALSLAYOUT Totals Invoice Layout File
.UXF UML eXchange Format
.VFC VentaFax Cover Page File
.VP Ventura Publication File
.WCP WinCHM Project File
.WEBTEMPLATE iWeb Template
.WEBTHEME iWeb Theme Template
.WLP Label Designer File
.WMGA Web Manga Document
.WPT Works Template
.WWF World Wide Fund Non-Printable Document
.XDW Fuji Xerox DocuWorks File
.XIF ScanSoft Pagis File
.XMT XMind Template
.XPS XML Paper Specification File
.XSN InfoPath Form Template File
.XTP InfoPath Template Part File
.XZFX ZipLogix ZipForm File
.ZDP Avery DesignPro Label File
.ZDS DesignPro Label File
.ZFX ZipForm File
.ZNO Zinio Electronic Magazine File
.4UI ForeUI Plot File
.ADB Now Contact Address Book Template
.ADF ARIS Express Document
.ADF Actual Drawing File
.AFP Advanced Function Presentation File
.ANH Project ROME File
.AO ActionOutline Outline File
.AP ArtPro File
.ARTICLE Twixl Publisher Article
.AV Final Draft AV Script
.AVERY Avery Design & Print Label File
.BCF Business Card Designer Pro File
.BCP Business Card Designer Plus File
.BIZ Broderbund Business Card File
.BLK ABBYY FineReader Area Template
.BMML Balsamiq Mockups Markup Language File
.BOOK BookSmart Book File
.BOOK FrameMaker Book File
.BOOKTEMPLATE BookSmart Template
.BPF Baan ERP Document
.BRO CreataCard Brochure Project
.BRO Design & Print Page Design File
.BTW BarTender Label
.CAJ Chinese Academic Journal File
.CBF Calendar Builder File
.CD2 Click'N Design 3D File
.CDF Computable Document Format File
.CDML Creately Diagram File
.CDOC Clicker Document
.CL2ARC Comic Life 2 Document Archive
.CL2DOC Comic Life 2 Document
.CL2LYT Comic Life 2 Layout File
.CL2TPL Comic Life 2 Template
.CLD Canon CD Label Template
.CLKB Clicker Books File
.CLKC Clicker Connect Set File
.CLKD Clicker Docs File
.CLT Clarity Legal Transcript File
.CNDX Avery DesignPro for Mac Label File
.COMICLIFE Comic Life Document
.COMPOSITIONTEMPLATE Invantive Composition Template
.CONSIS Sciral Consistency Document
.CPE Fax Cover Page File
.CPH Corel Print House File
.CPY eCopy Desktop File
.CRTR MultiAd Creator Pro Document
.CSD Compact Shared Document
.CST Manga Studio Story File
.CW CardWorks Template
.CWT ChordWizard Template
.DCX FAXserve Fax Document
.DE DrawExpress Diagram File
.DOT Word Document Template
.DOT Microsoft Word Document Template (Legacy)
.DOTM Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template
.DOTM Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document Template
.DOTX Word Open XML Document Template
.DOTX Microsoft Word Template
.DPD Ovation Pro File
.DRA Scriptor Script File
.DRMX Drumlin Fully Secure PDF File
.DRMZ Drumlin Fully Secure Mobile PDF File
.DTP Publish-iT Document
.DTX Documented LaTeX File
.DWDOC DrawWell Document
.EDRWX XPS Drawing Document
.EDX Edraw XML FIle
.EL4 Easy-PhotoPrint EX Calendar File
.ELP eCommerce Landing Page
.ENC Copysafe Protected PDF File
.ENV Now Contact Envelope Template
.FADEIN Fade In Document
.FAX Now Contact Fax Template
.FCDT FormsCentral Design Template
.FD2 PictureMate Borders File
.FDD FormDocs Document
.FDT FormDocs Template
.FEY FCS Express Layout File
.FGC Greeting Card Factory Card File
.FLB FileMaker Pro Label File
.FLO Automate Flowchart File
.FLOWCHART PureFlow Flowchart
.FLW Kivio Flow Chart
.FM FrameMaker Document
.FOLIO Adobe Folio File
.FORM NetBeans Java GUI Designer Form
.FP FinePrint File
.FP3 FastReport Prepared Report File
.FPE Free PDF Editor Document
.FR3 FastReport Form File
.FRDOC FineReader Document
.FRF Free Report Form File
.FSD Flowsheet Document
.FXM WinFax Document
.GDE The Guide Document
.GDOC Google Drive Document Link File
.GDOCX Google Drive Document
.GEM Ventura Publisher Document
.GOFIN DRUKI Gofin Form File
.GSLIDES Google Drive Presentation Link File
.GSP Silhouette Studio SD Card Document
.GWB Interwrite Presentation File
.HCR Half-Fold Card File
.HFD HotDocs Form Document
.HFT HotDocs Form Template
.HMK Hallmark Card Studio File
.HPD HotDocs PDF Document
.HPT HotDocs PDF Template
.HWDT Thinkfree Office NEO Word Template
.ICAP InCopy Package File
.ICS Calendar File
.IDAP Adobe InDesign Assignment Package
.IDML Adobe InDesign Markup Language File
.IDMS Adobe InDesign Snippet
.IDPK Adobe InDesign Package for GoLive File
.IFD InForm Document
.ILDOC QuickSilver Document
.IMTX iMindMap Template File
.IMX iMindMap Map File
.INCD InCopy Document
.INCT InCopy Template
.INCX InCopy CS3 Interchange File
.INDB Adobe InDesign Book File
.INDD Adobe InDesign Document
.INDL Adobe InDesign Library
.INDP Adobe InDesign CS3 Package File
.INDS Adobe InDesign Snippet File
.INDT Adobe InDesign Template
.INFOPATHXML Microsoft InfoPath Form
.INLX Adobe InDesign Interchange Library
.INP Urdu InPage Document
.INX Adobe InDesign Interchange File
.ISALE iSale Auction
.ISALLIC iSale License File
.ISD Flexera InstallShield Dialog Box File
.JSD HP JetSuite Document
.JTP Windows Journal Template
.JTX XPS Document
.JTX Jrju Text File
.JWC JewelCase Maker File
.LAB WordPerfect Label Definition File
.LBL dBASE Label File
.LBL Now Contact Label Template
.LLD Logo! Soft Comfort LAD File
.LMA Logo! UDF File
.LPDF Localized PDF File
.LSC Logo! Soft Comfort File
.LST Now Contact List Template
.LTF Laser App Temp Form File
.MAILSTATIONERY Apple Mail Stationery File
.MAX OmniPage Scanned Document
.MCSP My Craft Studio Project File
.MDI Microsoft Document Imaging File
.MFO MediaFace Online Saved File
.MFP MediaFACE Project File
.MFT MediaFACE Project Template
.MGA Manga Document
.MIF FrameMaker Interchange Format File
.MML FrameMaker Maker Markup Language File
.MRG Now Contact Merge Template
.MTC Make the Cut! Project
.MVD MindView OS X Document
.MVDX MindView Windows Document
.MWL XMS Print Layout File
.NPP Art Explosion Publisher Pro Document
.NUD Now Up-To-Date Calendar File
.OFD OfficeForms Document
.OLA Online Access File
.OMP OpenMind Windows Document
.OO3TEMPLATE OmniOutliner Template
.OPD OmniPage Document
.OXPS OpenXPS File
.P65 PageMaker 6.5 Document
.PA Print Artist Project
.PCL Printer Command Language Document
.PDE ProntoDoc for Excel Document Template
.PDF Portable Document Format File
.PDM ProntoDoc for Word Mobile Display Document Template
.PDP Adobe Portable Document Format File
.PDR ProntoDoc for Word Recovered Document
.PDS The Print Shop Project
.PDW ProntoDoc for Word Conventional Document Template
.PEX West Publisher Portable Exhibit File
.PFL PDFill Project File
.PGS PageStream Document
.PICT Picture File
.PMD PageMaker Document
.PMX PrintMaster Project File
.PNH Project ROME Plug-in Archive
.PPP Serif PagePlus Document
.PPX Serif PagePlus Template File
.PRN Print to File
.PSG Page Segment File
.PSPROJ The Print Shop Project File
.PSR Powersoft Report File
.PTX E-Transcript File
.PUB Publisher Document
.PUBLICATION Twixl Publisher Publication
.PWT Pocket Word Template
.PZF GraphPad Prism Project
.PZFX GraphPad Prism XML Project
.Q3C Quick 3D Cover Project File
.QDF Label Matrix Label Design
.QPT QuarkXPress Project Template
.QXB QuarkXPress Book File
.QXD QuarkXPress Document
.QXP QuarkXPress Project File
.QXT QuarkXPress Template
.RAP Raptor Flowchart File
.RB4 Resume Builder 4 File
.RELS Open Office XML Relationships File
.RFD Recogniform Form Designer File
.RLF ArcGIS Report Layout File
.RMR ResumeMaker File
.RPC Rich Page Content Document
.RPTR RafflePrinter Document
.RPX Report XML File
.RSM WinWay Resume Deluxe Resume File
.RWT ReadWriteThink Timeline
.RWT ReadWriteThink Printing Press Draft
.SBK Scrapbook Factory File
.SBV Superbase Form Definition File
.SDT SmartDraw Template File
.SIMP Software Ideas Modeler Project
.SJD Scrapbook Factory Journal File
.SMA SmartPlant Enhanced Report
.SNP Access Report Snapshot
.SP SignPlot Traffic Sign File
.SPL sPlan Schematic Diagram File
.SPUB Swift Publisher Document
.CHAI Chaimera Artwork File
.PDFXML Adobe PDFXML Document
.CHAIT Chaimera Artwork Template
.STUDIO3 Silhouette Studio Version 3 Document
.CEDPRJ Ashampoo CoverEditor Project
.PDF-1 Renamed PDF File
.PFF Formatta Portable Form File
.SMMX SimpleMind Mind Map File
.PDER ProntoDoc for Excel Conventional Document
.DTL Now Contact Detail Template
.TP3 Harvard Graphics DOS Template File
.MARS Adobe MARS File
.SPL7 sPlan 7 Schematic Diagram File
.PM6 PageMaker 6.0 Document
.PM5 PageMaker 5.0 Document
.PDG Print Shop Deluxe Design File
.CH3 Harvard Graphics DOS Chart File
.SUBLIME-SNIPPET Sublime Text Snippet File
.MVTX MindView Template
.DMTEMPLATE Direct Mail Template
.PM4 PageMaker 4 Document
.STUDIO Silhouette Studio Document
.CSZ Cornerstone Document Template
.CVW CaseView Document
.MCSX My Craft Studio Professional File
.SCUT4 Easy Cut Studio Project
.CLKBD Clicker Board Set
.CADOC Clicker App Document
.COMIC Comic Life Comic
.PDH ProntoDoc for Word Browser Display Document Template
.ANTMPL Adobe Edge Animate Template File
.MBBK ManaBook Book Kit File
.PDWR ProntoDoc for Word Conventional Document
.PDZ ProntoDoc for Word Structured Text Document Template
.AFPUB Affinity Publisher Document

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