.PIX File Extension

There are 4 file types use the .PIX file extension:

  1. PCI Geomatics Database File
  2. BRL-CAD Raw Image File
  3. Alias PIX Image
  4. BRender PIX Image

1. PCI Geomatics Database File

PCI Geomatics Database File
  • Developer PCI Geomatics
  • Popularity
    4.1 (11 votes)
  • Category GIS Files
  • Format Binary

PCIDSK file (PCI Geomatics Database File) created by Geomatica, a geomatics program used for processing and analyzing geographic images; contains spatial information split across multiple image channels; often used for storing small to very large geospatial data sets, such as satellite images.

The PCIDSK file format was created by PCI Geomatics in 1988. It was designed as a replacement for the UNIDSK format, which was dependent on 16-bit architectures and was unable to scale to 32-bit and 64-bit systems. The PCIDSK format includes more flexibility for storing new data requirements.

Geomatica can be used for remote sensing, geospatial analysis, digital photogrammetry, map production, mosaicking, and automated product system functions. Geomatica is available in Core and Prime editions.

Software's name License Platforms
ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop Commercial Windows
GDAL GDAL Open Source LinuxMacWindows
PCI Geomatics Geomatica PCI Geomatics Geomatica Free Trial Windows
Safe Software FME Desktop Safe Software FME Desktop Commercial Windows

Updated: May 18, 2011

2. BRL-CAD Raw Image File

BRL-CAD Raw Image File

Raw image format used by BRL-CAD, a cross-platform open source solid modeling system; saves image data in a 24-bit uncompressed format; uses RGB color mode and does not contain dimension information.

NOTE: PIX files can be converted to standard .PNG files using BRL-CAD's pix-png command.

Software's name License Platforms
BRL-CAD BRL-CAD Open Source LinuxMacWindows

Updated: June 30, 2008

3. Alias PIX Image

Alias PIX Image

Bitmap image created in the proprietary Alias PIX format; contains a header followed by pixels that are run-length encoded in packets; originally used by Alias 3D software, such as PowerAnimater, but is not commonly used anymore.

Software's name License Platforms
ACD Systems ACDSee ACD Systems ACDSee Commercial Windows
ACD Systems Canvas ACD Systems Canvas Commercial Windows
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Commercial MacWindows
GIMP GIMP Freeware LinuxMacWindows

Updated: March 26, 2010

4. BRender PIX Image

BRender PIX Image

A PIX file is an image saved in the BRender PIX raster image format. It stores a texture for an object or scenery in a level for a video game. PIX files are used by various video games developed by Argonaut Games that use the Blazing Renderer (BRender) 3D graphics engine.

PIX files are rare since they are primarily only used in video games developed in the 1990s, most notably Carmageddon 2, a vehicular combat video game. You will most likely only encounter a PIX image if you have one of these games installed on your computer or have dumped it from a game disc or cartridge.

NOTE: Argonaut Games is a British video game developer that formed in 1982, and developed games for various platforms, such as Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and PlayStation. The developer eventually dissolved in 2004.

Since the PIX format is uncommon, there are few programs that support it. However, you can open PIX files with version 1.68 of XnView, a freeware image editor, and convert the file to another image. You can also upload a PIX file to Tom's Editor, which is an online application. You can view and convert the PIX image with the application.

If you are looking to just convert a PIX file to a more common image format, you can use FFmpeg. After converting the PIX file, you can open it with an image editor.

Software's name License Platforms
FFmpeg FFmpeg Open Source LinuxMacWindows
File Viewer Plus File Viewer Plus Free Trial Windows
Tom's Editor Tom's Editor Free Web

Updated: November 29, 2020

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