.TAR.GZ2 File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .TAR.GZ2 extension:

Misnamed BZ2 Tarball

Misnamed BZ2 Tarball

Compressed "tarball" that should be named with the .BZ2 file extension instead of ".gz2," which isn't a file format; likely misnamed because the user thought GZ2 files are related to the .GZ format; can be renamed with the ".bz2" file extension and opened with a bzip2 compatible utility.

Software's name License Platforms
7-Zip 7-Zip Open Source LinuxWindows
Apple Archive Utility Apple Archive Utility Bundled Mac
Archive Manager Archive Manager Included Linux
bzip2 bzip2 Free LinuxMacWindows
Corel WinZip Corel WinZip Commercial MacWindows
Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe Commercial Windows
Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe Mac Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe Mac Commercial Mac
The Unarchiver The Unarchiver Freeware Mac

Updated: July 15, 2011

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