.TBX File Extension

There are 2 file types use the .TBX file extension:

  1. ArcGIS for Desktop Toolbox File
  2. TermBase eXchange File

1. ArcGIS for Desktop Toolbox File

ArcGIS for Desktop Toolbox File
  • Developer ESRI
  • Popularity
    3.0 (5 votes)
  • Category Data Files
  • Format N/A

A TBX file contains a toolbox of one or more scripts, or "tools," that are used to perform various functions in ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop, a GIS mapping program for Windows. It can be used to perform a variety of operations, such as calculating statisitics, creating buffers, and performing overlays. TBX files may contain system toolboxes packaged with ArcGIS for Desktop or custom toolboxes created by a user.

To create a TBX file, navigate to the geodatabase (a data storage structure used by ArcGIS to manage and edit GIS data) or folder in the "Catalog" window, in which you want the toolbox to be created, then right-click the geodatabase or folder, and select New → Toolbox. You can leave the default name as "Toolbox" or enter a new name. You can also create a toolbox by clicking the toolbox icon when saving a new model in ModelBuilder.

You can browse the tools stored in toolboxes by searching their names in the "Search" window or using the "Catalog" or "ArcToolbox" window. Some system TBX toolboxes that come with ArcGIS for Desktop are 3D Analyst Tools, Cartography Tools, Conversion Tools, Data Management Tools, Geocoding Tools, Schematics Tools, Spatial Analyst Tools, and Tracking Analyst Tools.

TBX files are saved by default in the following location:

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\ESRI\ArcToolbox\My Toolboxes

Software's name License Platforms
ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop Commercial Windows

Updated: September 29, 2018

2. TermBase eXchange File

TermBase eXchange File
  • Developer LISA
  • Popularity
    2.0 (1 votes)
  • Category Data Files
  • Format XML

A TBX file is a data file saved in the open source TermBase eXchange (TBX) format, which is used to represent and exchange terminology (the study of terms and their use) information. It contains terminology data, which includes terms, words and dialects, in XML format. TBX files are used to make terminology databases easier to distribute and maintain.

TBX files are primarily used for archiving information in a termbase (database containing terminology information) or exchanging information between systems. TBX files can be imported by a variety of computer-assisted translation tools, such as memoQ translator pro, Wordfast Pro, and JiveFusion.

NOTE: TBX is an international standard and was developed by the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) and published in 2008.

Software's name License Platforms
JiveFusion JiveFusion Free Trial Windows
memoQ translator pro memoQ translator pro Free Trial Windows
Wordfast Pro Wordfast Pro Free Trial LinuxMacWindows

Updated: March 13, 2018

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