.UFT File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .UFT extension:

Torque Font Cache File

Torque Font Cache File

A UFT file is a font cache file created by Torque, a game engine used to create two and three-dimensional video games. It contains font graphics used for displaying in-game text. UFT files are generated by Torque 2D or 3D SDKs from a font that is chosen by the developer (e.g., Arial 12, Times 14, etc.).

When a developer includes a font in Torque, the SDK automatically generates a UFT file for each font you use (e.g., Arial 18 (ansi).uft). These font files contain bitmap graphics of each of the character glyphs used in the game text. Because of this pre-caching, the engine can quickly load the pre-rendered bitmap characters as graphical text in the game.

Software's name License Platforms
GarageGames Torque2D GarageGames Torque2D Free MacWindows
GarageGames Torque3D GarageGames Torque3D Free LinuxWindows

Updated: July 22, 2016

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