.UMOD File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .UMOD extension:

Unreal Tournament Module File

Unreal Tournament Module File
  • Developer Epic Games
  • Popularity
    2.5 (4 votes)
  • Category Game Files
  • Format N/A

Self-extracting Unreal module installer archive; contains modifications and add-ons for the original Unreal Tournament 3D multiplayer game; includes compressed mod files and a "Manifest.ini" file that defines the locations where the files are to be installed.

NOTE: Unreal 2003 UMOD installers use the .UT2MOD file extension.

Software's name License Platforms
Edit with UEDT Edit with UEDT Windows
Edit with Umod Wizard Edit with Umod Wizard Windows
Epic Games Unreal Tournament Epic Games Unreal Tournament Commercial MacWindows

Updated: December 26, 2008

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