.V264 File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .V264 extension:

v264 IPROBOT3 Video File

v264 IPROBOT3 Video File

A V264 file is a video created by IPROBOT3, a Internet protocol camera used for surveillance. It stores a video saved in the v264 format which is a modified version of the H.264 video compression standard.

IP cameras are able to send and receive data through the Internet. They are similar to webcams but are used for the purpose of surveillance, such as checking in on senior citizens, pets, and babies. The IPROBOT3 network camera records video and saves it as a V264 file.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the v264 video format is not widely supported making it difficult to view V264 files with programs other than the V264Player.

Software's name License Platforms
V264Player V264Player Free Windows

Updated: July 14, 2016

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