.VDATA File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .VDATA extension:

Vaulty Vault File

Vaulty Vault File
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A VDATA file is a file created by Vaulty, an Android application used to hide and keep secret images and videos on Android devices. It contains an encoded picture or video file, such as a .PNG, .JPG, or .3GP file.

VDATA files are often named using a string of numbers and then hidden in the DCIM/Vaulty folder on SD card of the Android device.

To recover a picture from a VDATA file, use a Hex editor, such as HxD Hex Editor, and follow these steps:

First, open the VDATA file with the Hex editor and look for the word “obscured” at the beginning of the section on the right. If a file does not include “obscured” in the right column then it is a video file and a simple change of the file extension will suffice to open it. You can rename the VDATA file extension to .MP4, or 3GP and open it in a multimedia player.

For images, remove “obscured” from the file name. A window will warn you of the change you just made; click OK and save the change made to the file. Go back to your picture folder and rename the file from the VDATA extension to JPG or PNG. Now the image file will be viewable in any picture image viewer.

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Updated: January 29, 2021

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