.VDO File Extension

There are 2 file types use the .VDO file extension:

  1. Heathen Virus File
  2. VDOLive Media File

1. Heathen Virus File

Heathen Virus File

If file name is HEATHEN.VDO, file may be a virus that infects Word documents (.DOC files); may infect PE.EXE files in Windows 95; should be deleted or removed by an anti-virus program.

Also known as "WM97/Heathen-A."

Updated: October 20, 2006

2. VDOLive Media File

VDOLive Media File
  • Developer N/A
  • Popularity
    2.5 (8 votes)
  • Category Video Files
  • Format N/A

Video or audio file format used for broadcasting live media from websites; known for its broadcast quality that adapts to individual user connections; discontinued in 1998.

Software's name License Platforms
LiteVDO LiteVDO MacWindows
VDOLive Player or Web browser plug-in VDOLive Player or Web browser plug-in Windows

Updated: April 23, 2007

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