Vector Image Files

File Extension File Type Popularity
.TEX.EMZ Street Fighter IV Texture File
.TLC The Logo Creator File
.TNE Manga Studio Tone File
.TPL Canvas Template
.UFR Ultra Fractal File
.VBR GIMP Parametric Brush File
.VEC CX-Designer Shape File
.VML Vector Markup Language File
.VSD Visio Drawing File
.VSDM Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing
.VSDX Visio Drawing
.VSTM Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing Template
.VSTX Visio Drawing Template
.WMF Windows Metafile
.WMZ Compressed Windows Metafile
.WPG WordPerfect Graphic File
.WPI Inkling Sketch Binary File
.XAR Xara Xtreme Drawing
.XMMAP MindManager XML Map File
.XPR Microsoft Expression Design Graphic
.YAL Arts & Letters Clipart Library
.YDR YouiDraw Drawing Project
.ZGM Zenographics Image File
.ABC Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 6 File
.AF3 Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 3/4 File
.AFDESIGN Affinity Design Document
.AI Adobe Illustrator File
.ART Art Document
.ARTB Artboard Document
.ASY Asymptote Module
.AWG Ability Draw Document
.CCX Corel Clipart File
.CDDZ ConceptDraw PRO Document
.CDLX ConceptDraw PRO XML Library File
.CDMM ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document
.CDMT ConceptDraw MINDMAP Template
.CDMTZ Compressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Template
.CDMZ Compressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document
.CDR CorelDRAW Image File
.CDS ConceptDraw SlideShow
.CDT ConceptDraw PRO Template
.CDX CorelDRAW Compressed File
.CDX ConceptDraw PRO XML Document
.CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
.CIL Clip Gallery Packaged File
.CLARIFY Clarify Document
.CMX Corel Metafile Exchange Image File
.CNV Canvas 6-8 Drawing File
.COR CorelDRAW Drawing
.CSY Canvas Symbol File
.CV5 Canvas 5 Drawing File
.CVG Calamus Vector Graphic File
.CVI Canvas Image File
.CVS Canvas 3 Drawing File
.CVX Canvas Drawing File
.CWT ClarisWorks Texture File
.DCS Desktop Color Separation File
.DDRW ClarisDraw Drawing
.DESIGN Microsoft Expression Design Drawing
.DHS HyperSnap Drawing
.DIA Dia Diagram File
.DPP DrawPlus Drawing File
.DPR Digital InterPlot File
.DPX DrawPlus Template
.DRAWING Artboard Drawing
.DRAWIT DrawIt Drawing
.DRW Corel Drawing File
.DRW Drawing File
.DSF Designer File
.DSG Stitch Era Design File
.DXB Drawing Exchange Binary
.EGC EximiousSoft GIF Creator Document
.EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile
.EMZ Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile
.EP Pencil Document
.EPS Encapsulated PostScript File
.EPSF Encapsulated PostScript Format File
.ESC EasySignCut Pro Project
.EZDRAW EazyDraw Graphic
.FH10 FreeHand 10 Drawing File
.FH11 FreeHand 11 Drawing File
.FH3 FreeHand 3 Drawing File
.FH4 FreeHand 4 Drawing File
.FH5 FreeHand 5 Drawing File
.FH6 FreeHand 6 Drawing File
.FH7 FreeHand 7 Drawing File
.FH8 FreeHand 8 Drawing File
.FH9 FreeHand 9 Drawing File
.FHD FreeHand Drawing File
.FIF Fractal Image File
.FIG Xfig Drawing
.FMV Frame Vector Metafile
.FS FlexiSIGN Document
.FT10 FreeHand 10 Drawing Template
.FT11 FreeHand 11 Drawing Template
.FT7 FreeHand 7 Drawing Template
.FT8 FreeHand 8 Template
.FT9 FreeHand 9 Drawing Template
.FTN Flowton Diagram File
.FXG Flash XML Graphics File
.GDRAW Google Drawings Shortcut
.GDRAW Google Drive Drawing
.GEM GEM Metafile
.GKS Graphics Kernel System File
.GLOX Microsoft Office SmartArt Graphics Layout File
.GLS Sothink SWF Easy Shape File
.GRAFFLE OmniGraffle Drawing
.GSD Graphtec Vector Graphics File
.GSTENCIL OmniGraffle Stencil
.GTEMPLATE OmniGraffle Template
.GVDESIGN Gravit Designer File
.HGL HP Graphics Language File
.HPGL HP Graphics Language Plotter File
.HPL HP-GL Plotter File
.HVIF Haiku Vector Icon File
.IDEA Adobe Ideas Document
.IGT iGrafx Document Template
.IGX iGrafx Document
.IMD Microsoft VisioModeler File
.INK InkML Image
.INK Inker Image
.INK Pocket PC Handwritten Note
.JSL Corel PaintShop Pro Shape Library
.LMK Sothink Logo Maker Image
.MGCB Equation Illustrator Project File
.MGMF MindGenius Map File
.MGMX MindGenius XML Map File
.MP LaTeX MetaPost File
.MVG Magick Vector Graphics File
.NAP NAP Metafile
.NDB MyDraw Binary Drawing
.NDX MyDraw XML Drawing
.ODG OpenDocument Graphic File
.OTG OpenDocument Graphic Template
.OVP The Overlay Maker Package File
.OVR The Overlay Maker Overlay File
.PAT CorelDRAW Pattern File
.PD FlexiSIGN 5 Plotter Document
.PEN Logitech io2 Drawing
.PL Unix Color Plot File
.PLT AutoCAD Plotter Document
.PLT HPGL Plot File
.PMG PageMaker Group File
.PS PostScript File
.QCC Quilt Manager Pattern File
.RDL MicroStation Redline File
.SCV ScanVec CASmate Sign File
.SK2 ChemSketch Drawing
.SKETCH Sketch Drawing
.SLDDRT SolidWorks Sheet File
.SMF Serif Metafile
.SNAGITSTAMPS Snagit Stamp Archive
.SNAGSTYLES Snagit Style Archive
.STD Apache OpenOffice Drawing Template
.SVF Simple Vector Format Graphic
.SVG Scalable Vector Graphics File
.SVGZ Compressed SVG File
.SXD StarOffice Drawing
.PCS Microsoft Office ClipArt File
.MGC Microsoft Clip Organizer Media Catalog
.DED Dr. Engrave Document
.SVM StarView Metafile
.PWS Print Workshop Image
.POBJ Photo Pos Pro Vector Object File
.AC6 ArtCut 6 Document
.PFD Micrografx Optima! File
.CDTX ConceptDraw PRO XML Template
.SKETCHPAD Sketchpad Drawing File
.MGTX MindGenius XML Template File
.SK1 sK1 Vector Graphic File
.STN Genuine Fractals Image
.DRAWIO Diagram File
.PUPPET Adobe Character Animator Puppet File
.AF2 Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 2 File
.CDRAPP Image File
.AC5 ArtCut 5 Document
.PSID PostScript Image Data File
.PFV PhotoFiltre Studio Vectorial Path
.AMDN Amadine Drawing
.MMAT MindManager Map Template
.PIXIL Pixilart Project
.MGMT MindGenius 2-3 Template
.MGS MGCSoft Vector Shapes File
.SSK SmartSketch 95 Document
.CDSX ConceptDraw PRO XML SlideShow File
.CAG ClipArt Gallery Package
.NDTX MyDraw XML Drawing Template

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