.VFS File Extension

There are 3 file types use the .VFS file extension:

  1. Virtual File System Index
  2. VentaFax Schedule File
  3. Animated Slide File

1. Virtual File System Index

Virtual File System Index

A VFS file contains an index of directories and files stored on a hard drive or other media device. It is used to create a virtual file system, which can speed up browsing and searching for files.

HP All-in-One printers may create a new VFS file on memory cards inserted into the card slot. This occurs when the "Faster Browsing" option is enabled. To prevent VFS files from being added on memory cards, push the "Setup" button on the printer, choose "Preferences," then select "Enable Faster Browsing" and choose "OFF." The VFS file that the printer creates is often named .HPIMAGE.VFS. This file stores .JPG thumbnail images created by the printer for faster browsing on the printer's LCD display.

Typically, VFS files are not meant to be opened. However, some VFS files, including the .HPIMAGE.VFS file, can be mounted within VFAT file systems using the Linux mount command with the -o loop option.

Software's name License Platforms
mount mount Free Linux

Updated: October 4, 2020

2. VentaFax Schedule File

VentaFax Schedule File
  • Developer Venta Association
  • Popularity
    2.3 (7 votes)
  • Category Data Files
  • Format N/A

File used by VentaFax, a computer program used for sending faxes; contains a series of scheduled tasks; used to schedule and track sent and received faxes.

Users may be denied access to the fax schedule based on their permissions.

Software's name License Platforms
Venta Association VentaFax Venta Association VentaFax Windows

Updated: February 12, 2010

3. Animated Slide File

Animated Slide File

A VFS file is an animated slide used by VideoMakerFX and Explaindio. It is saved in an archive format and stores resources that make up a slide, which includes graphics, audio, and textures. VFS files are typically used for creating promotional videos, business presentations, and product reviews.

VFS files may be created and opened by VideoMakerFX and Explaindio. The VFS file is the main file format associated with the two programs similarly to how the .PPTX format is associated with Microsoft PowerPoint. If you need to share the VFS file with someone who does not own either of the programs, you can export it to a more widely supported format.

Software's name License Platforms
Explaindio Explaindio Paid MacWindows
VideoMakerFX VideoMakerFX Paid MacWindows

Updated: January 22, 2018

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