.VHD File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .VHD extension:

Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk

Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk

A VHD file contains a virtual hard disk image used by Microsoft Windows Virtual PC, a Windows virtualization program. It stores the contents of a hard disk of a virtual machine (VM), which may include disk partitions, a file system, files, and folders. VHD files may be used to install multiple operating systems on a single computer, test software programs, or run older applications.

The VHD Image Format Specification has been available as a royalty-free license since June, 2005. The VHDX format was introduced in 2012 as an extension of the VHD format. Virtual hard disks saved in the VHDX format are stored in .VHDX files.

NOTE: You can examine the contents of a VHD file manually by using 7-Zip.

Software's name License Platforms
7-Zip 7-Zip Open Source LinuxWindows
Aryson VHD Recovery Aryson VHD Recovery Free Trial Windows
File Viewer Plus File Viewer Plus Free Trial Windows
Microsoft Virtual Server Microsoft Virtual Server Free Windows
Microsoft Windows Virtual PC Microsoft Windows Virtual PC Free Windows
Oracle VM VirtualBox Oracle VM VirtualBox Freeware LinuxMacWindows
Smart Projects IsoBuster Smart Projects IsoBuster Shareware Windows
VMware Fusion VMware Fusion Commercial MacWindows
VMware Workstation VMware Workstation Commercial LinuxWindows

Updated: October 4, 2018

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