.VIMRC File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .VIMRC extension:

Vim Runtime Configuration File

Vim Runtime Configuration File

Settings file used by Vim, a text editing program often used by source code developers and system administrators; saves the default settings for the editor when it is opened; allows users to customize options for the editor.

VIMRC files are saved in a plain text format. They store a series of instructions, each of which can be run manually in the Vim editor by typing a colon ":" character and entering the command. Common settings include text indentation properties and window and font colors.

On Unix-based systems (Linux, Mac OS X, etc.), VIMRC files are saved to the user's home directory as a hidden file with no filename prefix (~/.vimrc).

NOTE: gVim, the Windows Vim editor, uses a file with the name _vimrc instead of .vimrc.

Software's name License Platforms
gVim gVim Open Source Windows
MacVim MacVim Open Source Mac
Vim Vim Open Source LinuxMacWindows

Updated: August 9, 2011

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