.VIZ File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .VIZ extension:

Avee Player Visualizer Template

Avee Player Visualizer Template

A VIZ file contains an audio visualizer template used by Avee Music Player, an audio player for Android. It stores information about a visualizer template, which may include theme colors and images that make up the audio visualizer appearance in the app.

The Avee Music Player allows Android users to listen to various audio and video formats and provides a customizable audio visualizer that changes with the audio being played. VIZ files are used to store information about the appearance of the audio visualizer. The app comes with pre-made templates, but users can also create and distribute VIZ files that store visualizer templates.

You most likely will only encounter a VIZ file if you are attempting to add a template downloaded from the Internet to Avee Music Player. VIZ files are often compressed with other VIZ files in .ZIP archives to reduce the overall size of the templates. A Zip-decompression utility in Android, such as RAR or WinZip, can be used to extract VIZ files from the ZIP archive. The templates can then be installed in Avee Music Player.

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Updated: February 14, 2020

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