.VJSPROJ File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .VJSPROJ extension:

Visual Studio J# Project

Visual Studio J# Project

A VJSPROJ file is a project created by Visual J# development software. It contains project settings and references to source files used by the project. VJSPROJ files are saved in the MSBuild format, which can be compiled into an executable program using the MSBuild platform.

The VJSPROJ file is one of several project files created by Visual Studio. The .CSPROJ file is used to store a C# project and the .VBPROJ file is used to store a Visual Basic project.

Visual J# is a programming language developed as a transitional language for Java and Visual J++ programmers working on .NET Framework applications.

NOTE: Visual J# is now retired and Visual Studio support for the programming language ended in 2015.

Software's name License Platforms
Microsoft Visual Studio Microsoft Visual Studio Commercial Windows

Updated: November 9, 2017

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