.VNT File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .VNT extension:

Mobile Phone vNote File

Mobile Phone vNote File
  • Developer Sony Ericsson
  • Popularity
    3.9 (76 votes)
  • Category Text Files
  • Format Text

Text note format used by various cell phones, such as the S Memo app on Samsung Android devices or the Notes application on Sony Ericsson mobile phones; saved in a text format with a header that starts with "BEGIN:VNOTE" and ends with "END:VNOTE."

The contents of a VNT file can be viewed in a standard text editor. However, the message may be encoded using one of several encoding methods. For example, some VNT files are encoded with quoted-printable, or "QP" encoding. This encodes each character with an equal sign, followed by two hexadecimal digits (for example "=20" represents a space). Therefore, it may be difficult to interpret the text without a QP decoder.

Software's name License Platforms
Any text editor Any text editor AndroidChrome OSiOSLinuxMacWindowsWindows Phone
Apple TextEdit Apple TextEdit Bundled Mac
BlockSoft MemoBlock BlockSoft MemoBlock Mac
Microsoft Notepad Microsoft Notepad Bundled MacWindows
Samsung S Memo Samsung S Memo Android

Updated: December 11, 2012

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