.VPP File Extension

There are 3 file types use the .VPP file extension:

  1. V++ Script
  2. Visual Paradigm Project File
  3. VisionPro Job File

1. V++ Script

V++ Script

A VPP file is a source code file written in the V++ programming language. It contains a script used to run a small program in a console window. VPP files are created and edited in source code editors, usually after a developer has installed the V++ interpreter and the V++ extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

V++ is an open source programming language developers can use to develop minor Windows Console applications. The scripts used to load and run these applications are saved in VPP files. To run a V++ program, developers open a Command Prompt window and execute their VPP script.

You can open and edit a VPP file in any text or source code editor. However, if you want to view a VPP file with its V++ syntax highlighted correctly, you should open it in Microsoft Visual Studio Code after installing the V++ extension.

After you've finished editing your VPP file and have installed the V++ interpreter, you can execute your VPP script in Command Prompt to run the program the script describes.

Software's name License Platforms
Any text editor Any text editor AndroidChrome OSiOSLinuxMacWindowsWindows Phone
Apple TextEdit Apple TextEdit Bundled Mac
GitHub Atom GitHub Atom Open Source LinuxMacWindows
Google Chrome Text Google Chrome Text Included AndroidChrome OS
Microsoft Notepad Microsoft Notepad Bundled MacWindows
Microsoft Visual Studio Code Microsoft Visual Studio Code Open Source LinuxMacWindows
V++ V++ Free Windows
Vim Vim Open Source LinuxMacWindows

Updated: May 28, 2021

2. Visual Paradigm Project File

Visual Paradigm Project File
  • Developer Visual Paradigm
  • Popularity
    3.5 (11 votes)
  • Category Data Files
  • Format Binary

Project file created by Visual Paradigm for UML, a diagramming application included in the Visual Paradigm Suite; can save multiple kinds of diagrams for a single project, including UML diagrams, business process diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, and others.

VPP projects are generally used for documentation during the concept and planning phases. Each diagram saves drawn objects and connectors that can represent a variety of objects and flows for a business process or software design. By documenting these concepts before implementation, developers save time and money and reduce the risk of unplanned issues arising in the latter project stages.

Software's name License Platforms
Visual Paradigm Visual Paradigm Free Trial LinuxMacWindows

Updated: June 3, 2011

3. VisionPro Job File

VisionPro Job File
  • Developer Cognex
  • Popularity
    2.0 (1 votes)
  • Category Data Files
  • Format XML

A VPP file is a data file used by Cognex VisionPro, which is "machine vision" software that utilizes image sensors and advanced optics to capture images and extract information from them. It contains information about the state of one or more jobs, or tools, such as the configuration of multiple connected cameras. VPP files are saved in XML format.

VisionPro is a Windows program that includes a large library of 2D and 3D tools for setting up and deploying 2D and 3D vision applications. The software is developed by Cognex, a leader in the machine vision industry, which refers to applications that combine software and hardware to capture and process images into information for the purpose of guiding devices.

VisionPro comes with a variety of tools, such as LineMax, OCRMax, IDMax, and PatMax. These tools can be used to perform various jobs in VisionPro, such as data matrix code reading, optical character recognition, and geometric pattern matching.

NOTE: Cognex VisionPro is available as standalone software or packaged with Cognex Designer.

Software's name License Platforms
Cognex Designer Cognex Designer Paid Windows
Cognex VisionPro Cognex VisionPro Paid Windows

Updated: December 19, 2017

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