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VRChat World

VRChat World
  • Developer VRChat Inc.
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A VRCW file is a world created for VRChat, a free-to-play virtual reality (VR) platform in which users create custom avatars and socialize with each other within user-generated worlds. It contains a VRChat world that a user created using the Unity game engine and the VRChat Software Development Kit (SDK). To make VRCW files available within VRChat, users upload the files in the VRChat SDK Build Control Panel.

Released in 2017, VRChat allows users to travel to unique worlds and socialize with each other using VR headsets, microphones, and custom avatars. VRChat users can do almost anything, including host virtual dance parties, run Dungeons and Dragons sessions, or explore simulated mountain passes, within a VRChat world.

VRChat world developers create worlds using the Unity game development engine and VRChat's SDK. They then save their worlds as VRCW files. When a developer has finished creating their world, they can upload it to VRChat as a private world, for use with their friends, or a public world, which will then become available to anyone who uses VRChat. The platform's developers and community test user-submitted worlds in the VRChat Community Labs, before releasing them to the general public. As of 2020, VRChat users had created over 50,000 worlds.

NOTE: Sometimes, VRChat users steal and re-upload other users' worlds, claiming them as their own creations. This practice is generally frowned upon.

After you've downloaded and installed the VRChat SDK, you can open and edit a VRCW file within Unity as you would any other game development project.

After you've finished editing a VRCW file, you can upload it to VRChat for use as a VRChat world. To do so, open the VRChat SDK Build Control Panel (VRChat SDK → Show Control Panel → Builder) in Unity. Then select Publish New Build and follow the on-screen instructions to upload your world.

To access your VRChat world from within VRChat, open the Worlds Menu and select the Mine tab. Your uploaded world will appear within the Worlds Menu.

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Unity Technologies Unity Unity Technologies Unity Commercial LinuxMacWindows
VRChat VRChat Free Windows

Updated: January 4, 2021

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