.WBX File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .WBX extension:

Winbox Address Book

Winbox Address Book
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A WBX file is a backup file used by Winbox, a utility that allows admins to manage their MikroTik routers. It contains the contents of a Winbox address book. WBX files are most commonly named addresses.wbx.

Winbox is a GUI utility that those who own MikroTik routers can use to manage their router's (or routers') settings. To allow router admins to easily transfer routers' MAC addresses, IP addresses, and login credentials between computers, Winbox gives users the option to export this data in WBX files. WBX files are most useful for those who use Winbox to manage multiple routers, allowing them to import a series of router addresses and login information at once, rather than entering that information manually on many computers.

addresses.wbx - A file containing router address and login information saved using Winbox.

You can use Winbox to import your WBX file and use it as your Winbox address book. To do so, open the program and select Tools → Import....

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Updated: July 13, 2020

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