.WMF File Extension

There are 2 file types use the .WMF file extension:

  1. Windows Metafile
  2. Widelands Map File

1. Windows Metafile

Windows Metafile

A WMF file is a vector graphic saved in the proprietary Windows Metafile Format (WMF) format developed by Microsoft. It contains a series of metafile records that store drawing operations, which include commands for drawing lines, circles, and rectangles that make up the graphic. WMF files also support bitmap drawing operations.

You can open WMF graphics with various image-editing and -viewing applications. Some programs include the Microsoft Office suite of applications (Windows and macOS), Adobe Illustrator (Windows and macOS), Inkscape (multiplatform), and XnViewMP (multiplatform).

To open WMF graphics stored on your computer with Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, select the Insert tab, then click Pictures → This Device.... In Microsoft Excel, select the Insert tab, then click Illustrations → Pictures → This Device....

Updated: May 28, 2021

2. Widelands Map File

Widelands Map File
  • Developer The Widelands Development Team
  • Popularity
    2.8 (6 votes)
  • Category Game Files
  • Format Binary

Map file used by Widelands, a strategy game where players control tribes and build settlements; contains a game map, which includes the map size, terrain, initial resources, and tribe starting locations; can be used to create custom maps.

Software's name License Platforms
Widelands Widelands LinuxMacWindows

Updated: January 15, 2010

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