.XER File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .XER extension:

Primavera P6 Project File

Primavera P6 Project File

A XER file is a project plan created by Oracle Primavera P6, a project management application. It saves the tasks, timeline, materials, and other resources required for a project. XER files enable project managers to plan and track project progress.

Oracle Primavera is an enterprise-level project management program that allows project managers to design, schedule, and analyze projects. It is most commonly used by construction project managers. Oracle acquired Primavera from Primavera Systems in 2008.

Primavera P6 (which replaced the previous version of Primavera, known as Primavera P3) saves users' project plans as XER files by default. Users can also save their project plans as .PMXML files, which are XML files that can be opened and edited in source code and text editors and more easily imported into other project management applications.

How do I convert a P3 file to a XER file?

Prior to Primavera P6, Primavera P3 saved project plans as .P3 files. You can still open P3 files in Primavera P6, and you can use P6 to convert your P3 file to a XER file. To import a P3 file into Primavera P6, select File → Import from Primavera P6's menu bar.

You can open a XER file in Oracle Primavera. To do so, select File → Import → Primavera PM (XER) from the program's menu bar. Then, follow the prompts that appear on-screen.

You can also open a XER file in ScheduleReader, XER Manager Professional, and any project management application that uses the MPXJ library.

Software's name License Platforms
MPXJ MPXJ Free LinuxMacWindows
Oracle Primavera Oracle Primavera Paid Windows
ScheduleReader ScheduleReader Free Trial Windows
XER Manager Professional XER Manager Professional Free Trial Windows

Updated: October 2, 2020

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