.XESC File Extension

There is only one file type that uses the .XESC extension:

Expression Encoder Screen Capture File

Expression Encoder Screen Capture File

A XESC file is a video file created by Expression Encoder Screen Capture, a screen recording application included with Microsoft Expression Studio. It contains a recording of a user's screen and may also include audio recorded with the user's microphone. Microsoft discontinued Expression Studio in 2012.

Microsoft Expression Studio was a suite of tools that Windows developers could use to design and build desktop and web applications. Expression Studio included several component applications, one of which was Expression Encoder.

Using Expression Encoder, developers could create and share screen recordings (often for use as software tutorials). Expression Encoder saved developers' screen recordings in XESC video files.

In the past, you could open a XESC file with Windows Media Player after installing Microsoft Expression Encoder or the Expression Encoder Screen Capture Codec. However, because Expression Encoder and its codec are no longer available from Microsoft, and Windows Media Player no longer supports the Expression Encoder codec, you should now open and play XESC files with VLC media player.

However, if you want to play your XESC file in Windows Media Player, and you still have access to Microsoft Expression Encoder, you can use Expression Encoder to convert your XESC file to a .WMV file. Then, you can play the WMV file in Windows Media Player.

Updated: May 28, 2021

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