.XMF File Extension

There are 3 file types use the .XMF file extension:

  1. Cal3D XML Mesh File
  2. Extensible Music File
  3. GameJack Disc Image File

1. Cal3D XML Mesh File

Cal3D XML Mesh File

Three-dimensional model mesh file created with Cal3D, an open source character animation library; contains polygons made up of nodes and edges, which comprise the geometry of the character; gives the model its skeletal structure.

Cal3D meshes are more commonly stored using the binary .CMF format.

NOTE: Cal3D models are used for applications such as IMVU, a 3D online chatting application that uses XMF files for virtual avatars.

Software's name License Platforms
Cal3D Cal3D Free Linux
Cal3d2ogre Cal3d2ogre Free Windows
Cal3DViewer Cal3DViewer Open Source Windows
IMVU IMVU Free+ MacWindows

Updated: December 19, 2014

2. Extensible Music File

Extensible Music File
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  • Category Audio Files
  • Format N/A

Family of music-related file formats created and administered by the MIDI Manufacturer's Association; designed to contain multiple file types in a single file, such as MIDI data (.MID) files, instrument (.DLS) files, and wave audio (.WAV) files.

Software's name License Platforms
Beatnik Mobile Sound Builder Beatnik Mobile Sound Builder Windows
Nokia Audio Suite 2.0 Nokia Audio Suite 2.0 Windows

Updated: May 3, 2007

3. GameJack Disc Image File

GameJack Disc Image File

Disc image file originally created by GameJack, a program used for backing up game CDs and DVDs; similar to an .XMD file and stores an exact copy of a game disc; enables games to be backed up onto a hard drive and mounted with .

GameJack, a German product, was replaced by Engelmann Media 5-Star GameCopy. The XMF format is now supported by additional disc imaging software programs such as HH Software Virtual CD.

Software's name License Platforms
Disc4You GameJack Disc4You GameJack Windows
EZB Systems UltraISO EZB Systems UltraISO Commercial Windows
HH Software Virtual CD HH Software Virtual CD Commercial Windows

Updated: October 8, 2011

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