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1. Main Features

  • Supports many packing and unpacking formats
  • Features an impressive compression ratio
  • Offers file encryption for security
  • Works as a useful file manager

2. Software Overview

7-Zip is a free, open-source application used to archive and compress data. It can combine a number of files into one archive or simply reduce the size of a single file for quick transfer.

7-Zip uses the 7z (.7Z) archive format by default, which provides a higher compression ratio than the .ZIP format. Along with 7z, 7-Zip supports ZIP, WIM, RAR, GZIP, BZIP2, and XZ compression formats. It also supports a multitude of package formats, such as TAR, MSI, DEB, ISO, CAB, RPM, NTFS, and Z. Along with packing and unpacking capabilities, 7-Zip is a useful file manager that allows you to copy and move your files to other locations.

7-Zip is a durable archiver and compression application. It supports many packing and unpacking formats and doubles as a useful file manager. While the 7-Zip interface is simplistic, it is a powerful, lightweight file compression utility.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.7Z - 7-Zip Compressed File
Other file extensions used by 7-Zip:
# File Extension Name
1 .001 Split Archive File
2 .003 Split Archive Part 3 File
3 .7Z 7-Zip Compressed File
4 .7Z.001 7-Zip Split Archive Part 1 File
5 .7Z.002 7-Zip Split Archive Part 2 File
6 .APEX Android Pony Express Package File
7 .APK Android Package File
8 .AP_ ADT Android Developer Package
9 .AR Midtown Madness Data File
10 .ARC Compressed File Archive
11 .ARJ ARJ Compressed File Archive
12 .AZW2 Kindle Active Content App File
13 .BZ Bzip Compressed File
14 .BZ2 Bzip2 Compressed File
15 .CAB Windows Cabinet File
16 .CB7 Comic Book 7-Zip Archive
17 .CRX Chrome Extension
18 .CTX Cherrytree Password-protected SQLite Document
19 .CTZ Cherrytree Password-protected XML Document
20 .DAZIP Dragon Age: Origins Game File
21 .DEB Debian Software Package
22 .DLL Dynamic Link Library
23 .EAR Java Enterprise Archive File
24 .EBABACKUP EBA Command Center Backup File
25 .EXE Windows Executable File
26 .GTAR GNU Tar Archive
27 .GZ Gnu Zipped Archive
28 .GZ2 Misnamed BZ2 File
29 .GZI Unix Gzip File
30 .GZIP Gnu Zipped File
31 .HE2 Humongous Entertainment Game Archive
32 .HFS HFS Disk Image File
33 .IMAGE Apple Disk Image
34 .IP IconPackager Theme File
35 .ISO Disc Image File
36 .JAR Java Archive File
37 .JGZ Gzipped Javascript File
38 .LHA LHARC Compressed Archive
39 .LQM LG QuickMemo Note
40 .LXF LEN Exchange Format File
41 .LZH LZH Compressed File
42 .LZMA LZMA Compressed File
43 .MCGAME Minecraft Game Backup File
44 .MCT Windows Live Messenger Data File
45 .MCWORLD Minecraft World Backup File
46 .MEMO Samsung Memo
47 .MSI Windows Installer Package
48 .MUN Windows System Resource Archive
49 .NAR Nokia Image Archive
50 .NTFS NTFS Partition File
51 .NUPKG NuGet Package
52 .ODB OpenDocument Database
53 .OSZ osu! Beatmap File
54 .PAX PAX Archive
55 .PET Puppy Linux Install Package
56 .PK3 Quake 3 Engine Game Data File
57 .PK3 ZDoom Package
58 .PSZ Compressed PostScript File
59 .R01 WinRAR Split Archive Part 1
60 .R02 WinRAR Split Archive Part 2
61 .R03 WinRAR Split Archive Part 3
62 .R04 WinRAR Split Archive Part 4
63 .R21 WinRAR Split Archive Part 21
64 .RAR WinRAR Compressed Archive
65 .RELOC Windows EXE Relocation Section File
66 .RPM Red Hat Package Manager File
67 .SDOCX Samsung Notes Note
68 .SDT Siemens Desktop Theme File
69 .SDZ Spring Content Package
70 .SDZ NCI Compressed Database
71 .SFS Squashfs File Archive
72 .SFX Windows Self-Extracting Archive
73 .SMENT StarMade Entity File
74 .SMSEC StarMade Sector File
75 .SMSKIN StarMade Skin File
76 .SPA Spotify Application
77 .SPK Synology Package
78 .SQUASHFS Squashfs File System File
79 .TAR Consolidated Unix File Archive
80 .TAR.GZ Compressed Tarball File
81 .TAR.GZ2 Misnamed BZ2 Tarball
82 .TAR.LZMA LZMA Compressed Tarball
83 .TBZ Bzip Compressed Tar Archive
84 .TGS Telegram Animated Sticker File
85 .TGZ Gzipped Tar File
86 .TINI Chrome OS Crostini Backup
87 .TLZ Tar LZMA Compressed File
88 .TMF TiVo Video Recording Archive
89 .TXZ XZ Compressed Tar Archive
90 .U3P U3 Smart Application
91 .UDF Universal Disk Format File
92 .VHD Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk
93 .VPK PlayStation Vita Application Package
94 .WIDGET Yahoo! Widget
95 .WIM Windows Imaging Format File
96 .XAR Extensible Archive Format File
97 .XZ XZ Compressed Archive
98 .Z Unix Compressed File
99 .Z00 Split Zip Archive
100 .ZAD Carmageddon Game Data File
101 .ZI_ Renamed Zip File
102 .ZPI Zipped File

Updated: May 13, 2021

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