Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat
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1. Main Features

  • Create, edit, and publish PDFs
  • Secure, encrypt, and control PDFs
  • Intelligent creation of business forms
  • Collaborate, track, and review PDFs in business workflows
  • Fill and sign PDF forms or request signatures in a simple interface
  • Bundle multimedia content in PDF files
  • Compress single or multiple PDF files with one-click
  • Star important files and access them from other devices

2. Software Overview

Adobe Acrobat DC is a program used for creating, editing, and managing PDF (Portable Document Format) documents. In contrast to the free Adobe Reader program, Acrobat gives you the full capability to control the content of .PDF files. Acrobat DC is available as Acrobat Standard DC, which is for Windows only, and Acrobat Pro DC, which is available for Windows and macOS.

Acrobat DC is commonly used to create professional documents, such as employment applications, legal documents, reports, essays, and business forms. Adobe's OCR technology enables accurate scanning, indexing, and searching of paper documents. Acrobat can scan and convert paper documents and forms into PDF files while appropriately detecting text, font, colors, and images. Acrobat can also create PDF Portfolios, which may contain multiple documents, 2D and 3D images, video, and maps. PDF Portfolios may be used for previewing and editing webpage mock-ups, displaying CAD image collections, or presenting scripted marketing materials. Also, digital PDF forms can be saved with editable fields, which can be filled out and saved in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.

Acrobat DC provides a Home screen where you can easily view recently opened PDF files and documents that have been shared with others for viewing, reviewing, and signing purposes. The program offers many tools for working with your PDF files. You can build a document from scratch, combine files into one PDF, edit a PDF, enhance scanned documents, compress single or multiple PDFs with one-click, and much more. You can encrypt, password-protect, and digitally sign a document to protect the contents and verify the document's author. Any document modifications can be reviewed with revision control, a feature that displays colored highlights for items that have been inserted, replaced, deleted, or moved within the document.

Adobe Acrobat is a great program for professionals across all industries. If you use it at home you may also find Acrobat valuable for scanning documents and saving files in a standard format that can be shared with friends and family. No matter where you use it, Adobe Acrobat DC will prove an essential resource.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.PDF - Portable Document Format File
Other file extensions used by Adobe Acrobat:
# File Extension Name
1 .AAUI Acrobat User Interface File
2 .ACROBATSECURITYSETTINGS Adobe Acrobat Security Settings File
3 .ACRODATA Acrobat Data File
4 .ACROPLUGIN Adobe Acrobat Plug-in
5 .AI Adobe Illustrator File
6 .APF Adobe Profile File
7 .API Acrobat Plug-in
8 .ASP Adobe Color Separation Setup File
9 .AST Adobe Color Separations Table
10 .BDL CoCreate Bundle File
11 .BPDX Acrobat Batch PDX File
12 .CATPRODUCT CATIA V5 Assembly File
13 .CER Internet Security Certificate
14 .CGR CATIA Graphical Representation File
15 .EDN Adobe eBook Activation File
16 .ENV Adobe Dictionary Data File
17 .EPS Encapsulated PostScript File
18 .EPSF Encapsulated PostScript Format File
19 .ETD Adobe Reader EBX Transfer Data File
20 .EXP CATIA 4 Export File
21 .FDF Acrobat Forms Data Format
22 .IFC Industry Foundation Classes File
23 .JDF Adobe Acrobat Job Definition File
24 .JOBOPTIONS Adobe Joboptions File
25 .JPG2 JPEG 2000 Image
26 .LEX Adobe Linguistic Library Data File
27 .LNG Acrobat Language Plug-in
28 .LNG Language Application Support File
29 .MARS Adobe MARS File
30 .MJD Adobe Acrobat MIME Encoded Job Definition File
31 .P12 Personal Information Exchange File
32 .P7C PKCS #7 Certificate File
33 .PDF Portable Document Format File
34 .PDF-1 Renamed PDF File
35 .PDFXML Adobe PDFXML Document
36 .PDP Adobe Portable Document Format File
37 .PDX Adobe Acrobat Index File
38 .PFX PKCS #12 Certificate File
39 .PKG CoCreate OneSpace Modeling Package File
40 .PRC Product Representation Compact File
41 .PRT Solid Edge Part File
42 .PRT Creo Parametric Part File
43 .PRT Unigraphics Part File
44 .PS PostScript File
45 .PSID PostScript Image Data File
46 .RMF Adobe Rights Management Document
47 .SAB ACIS SAB Model File
48 .SAT ACIS SAT 3D Model File
49 .SEQU Adobe Acrobat Sequence File
50 .SESSION CATIA 4 Session File
51 .SLDASM SolidWorks Assembly File
52 .SLDPRT SolidWorks Part File
53 .TLX Standard Dictionary File
54 .U3D Universal 3D File
55 .WWF World Wide Fund Non-Printable Document
56 .XAS Pro/ENGINEER Assembly Instance Accelerator File
57 .XDP XML Data Package
58 .XFD FormFlow 99 Form Data File
59 .XFDF Adobe Acrobat XFDF File
60 .XPR Pro/ENGINEER Part Instance Accelerator File
61 .XV0 Lattice XVL Structure File
62 .XV3 Lattice XVL Geometry File

Updated: May 14, 2019

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