Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator
  • Company Adobe
  • Version 2020
  • Platforms
  • License Commercial
  • Category Graphics
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1. Main Features

  • Advanced vector graphics editor
  • Configurable workspace with layer-based editing
  • Support for multiple artboards per document
  • Intelligent bitmap image detection and conversion
  • Color blending capabilities for creating photorealistic gradients
  • Simplified path editing for easier editing of complex paths
  • Automatic spell-check of text in your documents
  • Background saving and exporting of files allows continual worktime
  • Content-aware crop that provides suggested crops
  • Support for multiple export formats
  • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

2. Software Overview

Adobe Illustrator is an industry standard drawing program used to create and edit vector graphics. Unlike Photoshop, Illustrator uses paths, rather than bitmaps, to create images. This allows Illustrator to alter and resize drawings without reducing the quality of the images. Illustrator is commonly used in professional environments to create logos, signs, digital art, drawings, and other types of graphics.

The Adobe Illustrator workspace includes a drawing canvas, known as an artboard, surrounded by various configurable toolbars and palettes. You can customize the workspace by hiding, revealing, and moving palettes to a preferred arrangement. You can also edit multiple artboards concurrently to streamline document editing across drawings.

Illustrator includes advanced features, such as color blending capabilities for creating photorealistic gradients and global editing for modifying similar objects across multiple artboards at the same time. The program also provides more accessible Adobe fonts that you can preview and activate within Illustrator. The software supports a myriad of other convenience tools that make the graphics workflow more efficient.

Adobe Illustrator integrates with other Creative Cloud (CC) programs through the use of interchangeable file formats. It also opens industry-standard graphics files such as .PDF, .EPS, .FXG, .SVG, .DWG, and .DXF.

If you are a drawing professional, you will find that it is hard to replace Illustrator with an alternative graphics editor. Its robust features and ability to help create clean, professional-quality graphics make Adobe Illustrator the right choice for serious vector art graphics professionals.

3. Supported File Types

Primary file extension:
.AI - Adobe Illustrator File
Other file extensions used by Adobe Illustrator:
# File Extension Name
1 .8BF Photoshop Filter Plug-in
2 .ACB Adobe Photoshop Color Book File
3 .ACBL Adobe Color Book Legacy File
4 .ACT Adobe Color Table File
5 .AI Adobe Illustrator File
6 .AIA Adobe Illustrator Action File
7 .AIP Adobe Illustrator Plug-in
8 .AIT Adobe Illustrator Template
9 .ART Art Document
10 .ASEF Adobe Swatch Exchange File
11 .ASP Adobe Color Separation Setup File
12 .AST Adobe Color Separations Table
13 .BMP Bitmap Image File
14 .CDR CorelDRAW Image File
15 .CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
16 .CMX Corel Metafile Exchange Image File
17 .CSF Adobe Color Settings File
18 .DCS Desktop Color Separation File
19 .DIB Device Independent Bitmap File
20 .DWG AutoCAD Drawing Database File
21 .DXF Drawing Exchange Format File
22 .EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile
23 .ENV Adobe Dictionary Data File
24 .EPS Encapsulated PostScript File
25 .EPSF Encapsulated PostScript Format File
26 .EXV Adobe Extension Script
27 .FH10 FreeHand 10 Drawing File
28 .FH11 FreeHand 11 Drawing File
29 .FH3 FreeHand 3 Drawing File
30 .FH4 FreeHand 4 Drawing File
31 .FH5 FreeHand 5 Drawing File
32 .FH6 FreeHand 6 Drawing File
33 .FH7 FreeHand 7 Drawing File
34 .FH8 FreeHand 8 Drawing File
35 .FH9 FreeHand 9 Drawing File
36 .FLT Image Filter
37 .FMOD Adobe Illustrator Flattening Module
38 .FT11 FreeHand 11 Drawing Template
39 .FXG Flash XML Graphics File
40 .GIF Graphical Interchange Format File
41 .HYP Dictionary Information File
42 .ICB Targa ICB Bitmap Image
43 .IDEA Adobe Ideas Document
44 .IROS Adobe Save For Web Settings File
45 .IRS Adobe Save For Web Settings
46 .J2C JPEG 2000 Code Stream
47 .JOBOPTIONS Adobe Joboptions File
48 .JPC JPEG 2000 Code Stream File
49 .JPG JPEG Image
50 .JPG2 JPEG 2000 Image
51 .JPX JPEG 2000 Image File
52 .KYS Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts File
53 .LEX Adobe Linguistic Library Data File
54 .PCX Paintbrush Bitmap Image File
55 .PDD Adobe PhotoDeluxe Image
56 .PDFS Adobe PDF Presets File
57 .PICT Picture File
58 .PNG Portable Network Graphic
59 .PS PostScript File
60 .PSD Adobe Photoshop Document
61 .PSID PostScript Image Data File
62 .RLE Run Length Encoded Bitmap
63 .SBX Adobe Illustrator Tsume File
64 .SMRD Adobe InDesign Filter File
65 .SVG Scalable Vector Graphics File
66 .SVGZ Compressed SVG File
67 .TGA Targa Graphic
68 .TIF Tagged Image File
69 .TIFF Tagged Image File Format
70 .TLX Standard Dictionary File
71 .VDA Targa Bitmap Image File
72 .VST Targa Bitmap Image
73 .WAC Inkling Sketch XML File
74 .WMF Windows Metafile
75 .WPI Inkling Sketch Binary File

Updated: February 4, 2020

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